Release Notes: AEM 6.3 Oak Cumulative Fix Pack

Release information

Product Adobe Experience Manager
Version 6.3
Release Oak Cumulative Fix Packs

Oak Cumulative Fix Packs

Fixes for the Oak repository are delivered via Oak Cumulative Fix Packs (OCFP) which are fully supported, similarly to standard Cumulative Fix Packs. An Oak Cumulative Fix Pack is self-dependant (no dependencies). You need not worry about finding/resolving dependencies.

Install the latest cumulative fix pack for your AEM version to keep your deployment up-to-date.

If necessary, a diagnostic build on top of the latest OCFP can be made available for validation purpose before the official availability of the next OCFP. The precondition is that you have the latest OCFP running. A diagnostic build only provide the same level quality assurance as a hot fix, therefore it doesn't provide the same level of quality assurance as a cumulative fix pack, service pack, or product release. All official Oak fixes will be released as OCFP which come the with full support.

For more information on CFP and other types of releases, see Maintenance Release Vehicle.

Installation instructions

Oak Cumulative Fix Pack installation

0. Make sure you have a backup of the data.
1. Go to 'Tools' and doubleclick on 'Packages' to open the CQ Package Manager.
2. Upload and Install the hotfix package.
3. Restart AEM.
In case this patch needs to be deployed in context of an upgrade to AEM use the following steps:
0. Make sure you have a backup of the data.
1. Prepare the source instance as documented and shut down.
2. Unpack the AEM Quickstart (java -jar quickstart.jar -unpack).
3. Unpack the Hotfix Package to a temporary location.
4. Move /jcr_root/libs/system/install/* to /crx-quickstart/install.
5. Move /jcr_root/libs/system/install/crx3/* to /crx-quickstart/install/15.
Note: This may not apply to some Oak versions. If you do not see /jcr_root/libs/system/install/crx3 upon unpacking the Oak hotfix, skip this step and proceed to next step.
6. Move on with the upgrade as documented.


Uninstalling an OCFP is not supported.

Available Oak Cumulative Fix Packs


Starting Oak 1.6.9, the Oak cumulative fix packs will be only delivered as part of the AEM cumulative fix packs.

Oak 1.6.8

Date Name  Fixes Release Notes
February 02, 2018 OCFP 20768 7 bugs Oak 1.6.8

Oak 1.6.7

Date Name  Fixes Release Notes
January 10, 2018 OCFP 20399 14 bugs Oak 1.6.7

Oak 1.6.6

Date Name  Fixes Release Notes
November 23, 2017 OCFP 19329 7 bugs Oak 1.6.6

Oak 1.6.5

Date Name  Fixes Release Notes
September 30, 2017 OCFP 19148 2 bugs Oak 1.6.5

Oak 1.6.3

Date Name  Fixes Release Notes
August 22, 2017 OCFP 17649 6 bugs Oak 1.6.3

Oak 1.6.2

Date Name  Fixes Release Notes
July 3, 2017 OCFP 16993 23 bugs Oak 1.6.2

Known issues

None at this time

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