Filtered Replication


How to filter replications so only certain paths trigger certain replication agents?


To limit which paths trigger replication on a particular replication agent on an AEM instance, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to http://host:port/useradmin and log in as admin

  2. Create one user for each replication agent

  3. Update the permissions, only allow the user read permission to content you want it to replicate

  4. Open the replication agent's configuration page

  5. In the settings of the replication agent, enter the user id of the user in the Agent User Id field

  6. Repeat the steps for each applicable replication agent

An example where this method is used is when you have one author instance used for two different projects and each project has its own set of publish instances. In this scenario, a replication agent associated to one project will only replicate the content for that project.
The configuration can also be used for flushing specific dispatcher farms. To control which farm gets flushed by the agent you could create a flush agent for each farm then update the replication agent configuration Extended tab with a Host header. For example, Host:


Make sure to apply the latest Cumulative Fix Pack if you are using AEM 6.2 or 6.3 as there is a known issue related to this feature. See this article for details.