How to test outbound connections from the AEM java process


How to test the ability of the AEM java process to make outbound connections using httpclient 3.x

This can be useful in the following scenarios:

1. Replication is failing with a connection timeout

2. Custom application code is unable to make connections to a backend system


  1. Download the attached package

  2. Go to http://host:port/crx/packmgr/index.jsp and log in as admin

  3. Upload and install the package

  4. Go to http://host:port/apps/tools/components/testconnection/run.html

  5. By default it would test the outbound connection to and dump the HTTP response to the page

  6. Go to http://host:port/crx/de/index.jsp#/apps/tools/components/testconnection/testconnection.jsp

  7. Open /apps/tools/components/testconnection/testconnection.jsp for editing

  8. Modify the code as needed for your own testing.  For example, the value of the url variable can be changed to make it connect to a different URL

See the HttpClient documentation for help on modifying the code: