Livecopy status message - Up-to-date/Green/In Sync


Applies to AEM versions:

  • 6.0
  • 6.1
  • 6.2
  • 6.3

Question Detail

There can be confusion with the live copy status messages, in particular the status: up-to-date/in sync/green. This status message can be seen:

  • Classic UI: 
    • The live copy status column in the MSM Control Center - green icon; mouse-over showing a text that includes up-to-date
    • The Live Copy column in siteadmin - green icon; mouse-over showing a text that includes up-to-date
    • The Status column in siteadmin - grey icon; mouse-over showing a text that includes up-to-date
  • Touch UI: 
    • The Status property In Sync with Blueprint, shown in the Live Copy tab of page properties - text showing Yes
    • The columns in the Live Copy Overview console - text LIVE COPY UP TO DATE


A rollout depends on the synchronization actions [0] added to the specific rollout configuration. There are various actions available. Some actions are dependent on modifications to the content. However, there are also many actions that are not dependent on modifications to the content. These actions can also be dependent on events, including page activation, page deactivation, amongst others. Such events do not modify the content, but do modify the internal properties related to the content. 
The status fields are also dependent on the synchronization actions defined in the specific rollout configuration.
The status fields indicate whether there have been any such actions to either the blueprint or the live copy since the last successful roll-out. A status field will only reflect the actions in the specific rollout configuration. 
If no successful rollout has been ever been performed on a live copy, then the status will always show up-to-date/in sync/green. 
 The same principles apply to all status messages, for example, up-to-date, modified.
A rollout configuration is defined with one synchronization action [0]. The synchronization action defined is targetActivate.
Therefore, a rollout will depend solely on activation events. The status field will only indicate whether any activation events have occurred since the last successful rollout.