Log Viewer

Log Viewer allows you to do the following:

  • Display the content of log files in the web console user interface.
  • Tail a log file to see new lines as they are added to the file in real time.
  • Download an individual file or the zip file containing all the logs in the logs directory.

Download and installation

Using the Log Viewer tool

You can access the Log Viewer tool directly in a web browser at http://<host>:<port>/system/console/logs

  1. To download a file, select a file or directory path and click Download.
    • If the path selected is a directory, then clicking Download creates a zip file containing all log files in the directory.
    • If the path selected is a file, then clicking Download downloads the selected file.
  2. To monitor the log files, select a file and click Tail. A browser window opens, displaying all the lines of the log files and displays new lines as they are added to the file.


By default, the Log Viewer shows log files under the default log file path <cq_home>/crx-quickstart/logs. If you customized your log file locations, configure logtail.paths with a value equal to the absolute file system path from which logs can be tailed and downloaded.

To configure this change, do the following:

  1. Go to http://<host>:<port>/system/console/configMgr/com.adobe.crx.tools.impl.logging.LogsView
  2. Edit the logtails.paths values.
  3. Click Save.
LogsView OSGi component configuration

Alternatively, you can create a repository-based OSGi configuration. See here for details on how to create such a configuration.

Open issues

  • The log viewer is not safe to use when your instance is serving peak load with high traffic.
  • If the log file is large, the tail output can crash your browser. All content in the file is displayed in the web console user interface.

CQ version capability

  • CQ 5.5
  • AEM 5.6