Brand Portal includes new and enhanced functionality oriented toward aligning Brand Portal with AEM. This change enhances the overall usability, including navigation, and look and feel.

Brand Portal Authoring Improvements


For newer Brand Portal functionalities make sure you are using AEM 6.3 with SP1 and CFP1 installed. 

Quick introduction to new Brand Portal capabilities

To align Brand Portal user experience with AEM, Adobe is transitioning to Coral 3 user interface. Some of the major enhancements include:

Navigational Improvements

  • Upgraded User Interface that aligns with the AEM and uses Coral3 UI.
  • Quick and easy access to administrative tools through the new Adobe logo.
  • Product navigation through an overlay
  • Quick Navigation to parent folders from a child folder. 
  • Omni search option to navigate to administrative tools and content. 
  • Card View, List View, and Column View help you to easily browse through nested folders. 
  • Asset sorting in List View is no longer restricted to a number of assets being displayed on the screen. All assets in a folder are sorted.

Search Improvements

  • Omni search capability lets you perform a quick search for assets and files within BP. 
  • Omni search also provides an option to search for assets within a specific folder or location
  • Automatic keyword suggestions to make search easier
  • Improve your Omnisearch with additional filters. Option to save the search result into a Smart Collection for you to re-visit your search at a later time. 
  • Supports smart tagged asset search
  • AEM Smart tagged assets can be shared from AEM to BP and use smart tags for asset search within BP.

File Sharing Improvements

  • A user can share an asset using the link share option. 
  • While sharing assets, a user gets to set an expiry date for each asset. Provides users more control over the assets shared. 
  • An external user with Asset share link can download the image and view its properties.
  • The original nested folder hierarchy is preserved for downloaded asset folders. 

Reporting and Administrative Capabilities

  • Metadata schema from AEM Assets can now be published from AEM to BP. 
  • Administrators can create and manage three types of reports—assets downloaded, expired, and published
  • Ability to configure the column that needs to be included in the report. 
  • Create Image Presets for assets within BP.
  • Ability to modify Admin Seach Rail Form or Seach Forms to include additional filtering options. 
  • Update and preview custom wallpaper for your brand
  • Usage report to know about the number of users, storage space used and total assets.

Supporting materials