Learn how to configure smart tagging and enhanced smart tagging in AEM, using the Smart Content Service and Adobe I/O.


Before you can use the Smart Content Service, ensure the following to create an integration on Adobe I/O:

  • An Adobe ID account that has administrator privileges for the organization.
  • The Smart Content Service service is enabled for your organization.

To enable Enhanced Smart Tags, in addition to the above, also install AEM 6.4 latest service pack.

Step by step process to integrate Smart Content Services with Adobe Experience Manager. 

  1. Create a Asset Smart Tags cloud service configuration
  2. Create a new integration to access Smart Content Service REST APU using Adobe I/O.
  3. Validating Asset Smart Tag Configuration
  4. Uploading an asset and running Smart Tag workflow
  5. Preview asset tags


Configuring Enhanced Smart Tags using Adobe I/O

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