Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets lets you identify assets that share common attributes and mark them as related using the new Related Assets feature. It also lets users define a source/derived relationship between assets, making it easy for users to identify the origin of an asset. Running translation workflow on a derived asset fetches any asset that the source file references and includes it for translation, thereby reducing the efforts to maintain multi-site.

Multisite Asset Source File Management

Related Assets helps users to manage better, cross-link assets with shared traits, properties and streamline workflows:

  • New Related Assets capability to manually relate assets with similar characteristics or belonging to same campaign or project
  • User can view related files for an asset under view properties. A user can navigate to the related files from the view properties window. 
  • If properties of two related assets have changed, users can un-relate these assets using the Un-Relate option. 
  • When you try to delete a related asset, you get a warning message, if it has other related assets. 
  • Running a translation workflow on a derived related asset, adds the related source files to the translation workflow, making it easy for multi-site management.  

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