When deploying Experience Manager, one of the critical decisions is to determine the site structure that supports your business and desired customer experience. For global marketers, reaching customers in many countries and languages adds to the challenge. Learn how to structure global content and support international sites for multiple languages, mixed translations and adapted content. We'll walk through AEM 6.4 capabilities and a best practice case study for organizing international sites, including, creating the structure, translating the site, and publishing. Users will get familiar with the process of updating content and managing local adaptations. Key learnings: - How to create an international site using blueprints, live copies and language copies - When to use MSM live copy vs language copy - The concept of language masters vs country sites - How to update source structure and content and iterate to translated sites.
Delivered October 30, 2018

Presented by:

Ankur Sial, a MTS-2, Core Technologies & Products at Adobe