The Four DAM Necessities for Digital Asset Management in 2020

As more and more customer interactions turn digital, brands find themselves struggling to create, manage, and deliver the massive amount of content necessary to drive their business. Without the right tools in place, companies will continue to underwhelm customers and lose business to more digitally mature competitors. A capable digital asset management (DAM) solution can be a great first step in establishing your content strategy. But unlike years past, to succeed in this environment, your DAM cannot simply be a digital file cabinet where your assets go to be locked away. Your DAM needs to be a dynamic content staging engine that not only organizes your content, but gets it into the hands of creatives, marketers, distributed users, and customers, where and when they need it most. Join us to learn about the four major things your DAM needs to do outside of simply managing your content in order to thrive in this increasingly digital ecosystem. We’ll cover: • The role of DAM in streamlining creative operations and speeding content to market • How AI-driven automation ensures your assets hit the DAM production-ready and searchable • How DAM should deliver content directly to experiences in a modular, channel-optimized way • The Marketing Hub at Adobe Story: how we leverage Brand Portal internally to distribute assets to over 25,000 users

Delivered 07/28/20


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