As Single-Page Application (SPA) make the overall visitor experience more interactive, they are gaining popularity, even for content-centric experiences. So far, it was tedious when possible at all for Web Experience Management Systems to edit in-context the content and layout of SPAs, because of their disrupting architecture that only consumes JSON data from the server and delegates all other responsibilities like rendering to the client. This forced marketers to use headless-only CMS and to initiate a development cycle for any layout change, loosing their control over any form of layout and impacting the velocity of changes. The SPA Editor brings the easy-to-use capabilities of the AEM Page Editor back to SPA built with JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular. It allows front-end developers to develop such SPA like they are used to, while having non-technical authors to edit the content in-place. Please join us to learn more about the SPA Editor in this introduction.
Delivered 10/10/2018

Presented by:

Gabriel Walt, Product Manager, Adobe