Listings of CM Letters in AEM Page using the CM Portal Component

You need AEM Forms or AEM Forms  6.2SP1-CFP7 to test this funcionality

CM Portal  Use Case - The use case for CM Portal is for ad-hoc generation of correspondences. The agent visits the portal and search for letter templates. The agent selects the appropriate letter template. The agent will typically enter a vlaue for a key element for example SSN or Plan ID and submit the form. On submission the POST handler will fetch information specific to the SSN or Plan ID from the backend system and open the Create Correspondence UI with the letter pre-populated with the SSN/Plan ID specific information. The agent will then customize the letter by adding/removing text paragraphs and then submitting the letter for further downstream processing. 

This article walks yoiu through the process of listing Correspondence Management Letters in AEM Page. As part of this article I have a sample component which will allow the end users to serach for CM Letters. The component will list all the letters that match the search criteria.Along with the letter's the component will list the Key Elements of the Data Dicionary associated with the letter.

Configuring the CMPortal Component - You will need to provide "URL to Post" . (The sample provided here has this property already configured).This is the URL to which the "form with Key Elements" will be posted to. In the POST handler you will fetch specific information identified by the key element. Once we get the xml associated with the key element, we will open the Create Correspondence UI with the letter pre-populated with the data.


PLEASE PLEASE follow the steps mentioned in this document before installing the assets associated with this article.

Download and unzip the zip file to your hard drive.

Point your browser to Package Manager.

Upload and install the

Point your browser to Felix Web Console.

Deploy the aemformgoodiesbundle.jar bundle.

Point your browser to.

Click Create | File Upload and upload the appropriate HIMLetterSample(6.3 or 6.2).cmp file. This contains a sample Letter that can be used to test your portal.(These letters will only work in AEM Forms 6.3 and above)

view the CMLetterListings.

enter "H" and click the "Search CM Letters" button.

You will see HIMLetter listed. This letter has planid as key element and you can enter a value of either 100 or 200 and hit the submit button

The POST handler will then open the Create Correspondence UI with the letter template populated with the data associated with the appropriate planid

Please explore the POST handler which is located at /apps/cmpostdemo/cmpost/POST.jsp



For CM Portal use cases typically you will have to do the following

Make sure your letters have Data Dictionaries associated with it

Make sure Data Dictionary has atleast one key element defined.