Storing Adaptive Form Data into DataBase as part of your AEM Workflow

This article demonstrates the ability to store AF data in Data Base as part of an AEM Workflow Step. 

The use case is to store the AF data into DataBase using the AEM Workflow.

Please follow the following steps to implement this capability on your system

Download the Zip file and extract its content

Deploy insertdata.core-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar  bundle using Felix Web Console

Go to Package Manager and import the package This package has sample workflow which stores the AF data into DB. Open the workflow model. The workflow has only one step. This step calls the code written in the bundle to store the AF data into the Database. I am passing an single argument  to the process. This is the name of the Adaptive Form whose data is being saved

Go to ConfigMgr

Search for "JDBC Connection Pool"

Create a new Day Commons JDBC Connection Pool

Specify the dababase specific proeprties. In the screen shot below, I am connecting to mysql Database.

The name of the schema is aemforms

specify the username/password for the Data Base

Specify the Data Source Name


JDBC Connection Pool


Go to ConfigMgr

Search for "Insert Form Data into DB"

Sepcify the properties as follows. The last image shows you the properties I specified on my system

DataSourceName - Name of the datasource you configured previously

TableName - Name of the table in which you want to store the AF Data

FormName - Name of the colum to hold the name of the Form

ColumnName - Name of the column to hold the AF Data

In my example, the name of the table is "formsubmissions"

Name of the column holding the formdata is "formdata"

Name of the column holding the formname is "formname"

To Test the Capability, please follow the steps

Create a AF. 

Associate the Adaptive Form with AEM Workflow(StoreAFValuesinDB) as shown in the screen shot below. 

Make sure you specify "data.xml" in the data file path

Preview the form and submit

If everything has gone well, you should see the Form Data being stored in the table and column specified by you


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