Ability to display tabular data using tables in Interactive Communication Document has been introduced with the AEM Forms 6.4 release. The following video walks through the steps involved in configuring a table in the web channel document.

As in charts, you need to have repeating set of data to be able to use table component in adaptive document.For example the following data returned by the data model can be displayed in table

accountSummary": [ {"current": "$331,854.71", "ytd": "$316,790.00", "description": "Begining Balance" },{"current": "$5,276.28", "ytd": "$11,552.73", "description": "Your contributions"}]

The above data can be represented as 3 column table.

To try this on your server, follow the steps below

  •     Set up tomcat server as described here. If you have done this in the past skip this step
  •     Download the Assets related to this article.
  •     Upload the WebChannelAssets.zip using the package manager. You will get the following assets
    •              Interactive Communication Document
    •             Form Data Model which is configured to talk to the data source in tomcat
  •     Open the Interactive Communication Document in edit mode
  •     Add a table and configure the columns with the data model elements as shown in the video
  •     Specify column widths
  •     Style the table by removing the Add and Remove buttons