The ability to use charts in print channel documents has been introduced with AEM Form 6.4. The following video walks through the steps to use charts in print channel documents.

You can now create various types of charts - Bar, Column, Doughnut, Line, Pie etc to represent your data in the pdf documents.

To use charts or table you need to have a repeating set of data

When using charts in print channel document, please consider the following :

You can insert chart component inside subform or image component defined in the xdp. Xdp files are designed using AEM Forms designer and are the basis for all print channel adaptive documents.

If you are going to place chart component in the subform, make sure you specify the width and height property for the chart in the Interactive Communication Document.

If you are going to place the chart component in the image field, make sure you select "Scale Image Proportionally" for the Sizing setting of the image field.If you select "Scale Image to Fit Rectangle" you could get a distorted image of the chart.

Once you drag and drop the chart on to the target area, you can specify the chart type and associate Form Data Model Elements with the X and Y axis. 

Remember to set the chart's height and width if you are placing the chart component on a subform.


To try this on your own server, please follow the steps listed below:

  •     Configure tomcat as described here
  •     Download and import the assets file related to this article into crx using the package manager.
  •     The assets file contain the following assets
    •         Interactive Communications Document
    •         Form Data Model
  •       Open the Interactive Communication document in edit mode.
  •     Add chart component to the accountprogress panel.
  •     Configure the chart component.
  •     Preview the adaptive document.