You will need AEM Forms or 6.2 SP1 with CFP7

This article demonstrates the use case of an customer service agent wanting to create a ad-hoc correspondence. The CM Letters in this use case are listed in Non-AEM Page. The agent will enter the PlanID or SSN in a html form and submit the form. On submission we would fetch the relevant information specific to the Paln ID or SSN  that was enterred in the form. This specific data could be fetched from your ERP systems or could be fetched from your CRM systems like Salesforce. For the purposes of this demo, we are using some pre-defined xml files which are stored in the repository. Once the data is fetched we present the Create Correspondence UI to the agent. The correspondence is populated with data associated with the account number. The agent can customize and submit the correspondence for further downstream processing

PLEASE PLEASE follow the steps mentioned in this document before installing the assets associated with this article.

Download and unzip the zip file to your hard drive.

Point your browser to Package Manager.

Upload and install the

Point your browser to Felix Web Console.

Deploy the aemformgoodiesbundle.jar bundle.

Point your browser to.

Click Create | File Upload and upload the appropriate HIMLetterSample.cmp  (depending on your AEM Forms version) file. This contains a sample Letter that can be used to test your portal.

Place the cmpost.html in the root of your webserver. I have used Apache 2.4 webserver and placed the file in the htdocs folder

Assuming your webserver is running on port 80, point your browser to http://localhost/cmpost.html

Enter a value of 100 or 200  for the plan id and hit the submit button

The POST handler will then open the Create Correspondence UI with the letter template populated with the data associated with the appropriate planid

Please explore the POST handler which is located at /apps/cmpostdemo/cmpost/POST.jsp



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