An administrator can configure a network folder, known as a Watched Folder, so that when a user places a file (such as a PDF file) in the Watched Folder a pre-configured workflow, service, or script operation is started to process the added file. After the service performs the specified operation, it saves the result file in a specified output folder. For more information about workflow, service, and script.

To learn more about creating a watched folder, click here

Watched Folders are used to generate documents in batch mode. Using watched folder mechanism, you can generate Interactive Communications for the print channel, or use output service to merge data with the template.

This article will cover the use case of merging data with a template using the output service via watched folder mechanism.

Output service is an OSGi service that is part of AEM Document Services. Output service supports various output formats and output design features of Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4. Output service can convert XFA templates and XML data to generate print documents in various formats.

To learn more about the output service, please click here.

Download the zip file and extract the contents to your hard drive.

Import the into AEM using package manager

This will create a watched folder called outputservicewatchedfolder on your C drive. 

If you are running this on a non-windows platform, please follow the following steps

Drop the SamplePdfFile and SampleXdpFile folders into the input folder of the watched folder. On successful processing of the files, the results are placed under the results folder.




If the script associated with watched folder needs more than one file, you need to create a folder and place all the required files in the folder and drop the folder into the input folder of your watched folder.

If the script associated with watched folder needs only one input file, you can drop the file directly into the input folder of your watched folder

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