A high-level breakdown of key features offered for customers considering upgrading to Adobe Experience Manager 6.3


Please review Understanding Reasons to Upgrade AEM to see the reasons to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager.


Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 is no longer the newest version. When upgrading, please considering upgrading to the latest version of Experience Manager.

Key Features for Upgrading to 6.3

1. Core stability and maturity of features

With each iteration of AEM new features are added, existing features are enhanced and additional security hardening takes place. This is true from functional features of content management all the way down to the core foundation and repository. Features introduced in AEM are never static and evolve with every release to meet ever-changing customer needs. Upgrading to AEM 6.3 ensures the latest and greatest features. Full release notes for AEM 6.3.

2. Online Revision Cleanup with new Oak Segment Tar format

In previous version of Oak repository with TarMK maintenance required server downtime. In AEM 6.3 the new format for TarMK allows for Online Revision Cleanup. This significantly simplifies operations and maintenance without down time.

3. Asset Performance and Scalability

Significant steps were taken in AEM 6.3 to improve both performance and scalability of Assets.

  • Enhanced support for large asset repositories - 400TB repo size
  • Enhanced support for large files - 20GB
  • Performance improvements across ingestion (upload) - 15,000/day
  • Browse, search and download - 20-30% increase over 6.2

4. Latest Features of Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud solutions like Adobe Analytics, Target, and Campaign continue to evolve and add powerful new features. Only AEM 6.3 will allow customers to leverage the latest and greatest offerings from Experience Cloud solutions.

5. Classic UI to Touch UI migration

It is recommended for customers currently using the Classic UI to upgrade to AEM 6.3 and then migrate to use the Touch UI. The Classic UI will be available in the next version of AEM but will be deprecated. More information here.

6. End of Core Support for 5.6.x and 6.0

5.6.x and 6.0 versions have reached the end of Core Support. Extended support for 5.6.x will end in less than a year (February 2018). More information here.

Below is a matrix of some key foundation features of AEM. Some of these features may have been introduced in versions earlier than 6.3 with enhancements added in each release. Foundation release notes.

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