Adobe Experience Manager allows authors to easily create a Content Fragments using a Content Fragment Models, author Content Fragments in AEM, and expose them to any channel using AEM Content Services.

Content Fragment enhancements


The long-form editorial functionality of AEM 6.2 and AEM 6.3 pre-feature pack is at full parity via the Content Fragment models' Multi-line Text input. To access the full suite of long-form text functionality, enter the Fullscreen authoring mode on the Multi-line Text input, which provides access to:

  • Text Formatting tools
  • Content types (Rich text, Markdown, Plaintext)
  • Text Statistics
  • Import Content
  • Summarization
  • Inline Media
  • Spellcheck
  • Find and Replace

  • Creates a more structured and page independent content based on a Content Fragment model.
  • Content Fragment model can be easily created using the model editor tool.
  • Content Fragment model editor provides a list of data types to create a model with mixed content type
  • Data types include:
    • Single Line Text
    • Multi-Line Text
    • Number
    • Enumeration
    • Boolean
    • Date and Time
    • Tags
    • Content Reference
  • Full set of AEM Rich Text Editor (RTE) functions and RTE Full Screen.
  • Easy to add and delete data elements from the content model.
  • Content authors can create different variations for Content Fragments. 
  • Ability to Associate Content for easy authoring

Content Services JSON exporter framework

  • AEM's JSON Exporter delivers the contents of AEM page in JSON data model format. This can be used by other applications to render content from AEM.
  • Core Component for Content Fragments contains a Sling Model exporter to create and export JSON