AEM 6.3 Content Fragments are a content abstraction in AEM that allows text-based content to be authored and managed independently of the channels it supports.


For the latest improvements to AEM Content Fragments, see Using Content Fragments and AEM.

An expedited walkthrough of Content Fragments in AEM 6.3

An expedited walk-through of some of the enhancements to Content Fragments in AEM 6.3. 

  • Import
  • Mixed-media asset inclusion
  • Summarize text
  • Variation rename and delete
  • Asset card display
  • Content Fragment download

This video does not cover all enhancements to Content Fragments in AEM 6.3.

Understanding Content Fragments

Understanding mixed-media with Content Fragments

Different formatting modes and its capabilities

Formatting Mode Asset Insertion Supports Asset Reference
Rich Text Yes Yes
MarkDown No Yes
Plain Text No  No

AEM 6.3 enhances how assets can be used and organized in the context of Content Fragments 

  • Add inline images to Content Fragments
  • Add/remove assets from associated collections via Content Fragment editor
  • Add Content Fragment to associated media collections

Tip and tricks managing Content Fragments

Adobe Product Management reviews what's new with Content Fragments in the AEM 6.3 release and how you can best leverage Content Fragments to manage text-based content.