Experience Fragments is a new feature introduced in AEM 6.3. It allows content authors to reuse content across channels including Sites pages and 3rd party systems.

An Experience Fragment is a set of content that grouped forms an experience that should make sense on its own.

With Experience Fragments marketers can:

  • Reuse an experience across channels (both owned channels and 3rd party touchpoints)
  • Create variations of an experience for specific use-cases
  • Keep variations in sync with the use of Live-Copy
  • Social Post experiences to Facebook and Pinterest out of the box

Building Blocks with AEM Experience Fragment

Building blocks is a new enhancement added to Expereince Fragment in AEM 6.4. It lets content authors to create a building block consisting of components that could be re-used to create content across different variations and across different templates.


Editable templates used for creating experience fragments should have the building block component added to its policies.

  • Creating a building block makes it easy for content authors to re-use the content across different variations.
  • Changing the master copy building block should automatically roll out changes to its references without cancelling inheritance or any layout changes.
  • Content authors can easily rename an existing building block or delete it.
  • Deleting a building block from an Experience Fragment doesn't delete its references. 

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