The Simple project provides a generic harness for the technical exploration of AEM. The Simple project is augmented by Simple Plus packages that illustrate specific use cases, functionality and integrations.

Simple features

The Simple project is an AEM 6.3 compatible project that services as an accelerator for setting up an AEM instance as a developer's playground. 

  1. Responsive Template-Editor templates


    Simple project comes with several pre-configured responsive templates build with Template Editor using the AEM WCM Core Components Page component implementation.

  2. AEM WCM Core Components


    Simple contains proxied AEM'S WCM Core Components, with provided pages per-Core Component to accelerate understanding what Core Components can do, how they work and how they might be best leveraged.

    This project attempts to proxy in the latest version of each major version of AEM's WCM Core Components.

  3. Sample assets


    Simple provides several small, generic assets that can be used to build an drive experiences.

Simple Plus packages

Simple Plus packages are discrete AEM packages (which depend on the Simple package), that illustrate some specific functionality, implementation or integration.
The following Simple Plus packages are available:
  1. PJAX
  2. Bootstrap 3


All Simple Plus packages require the installation of the base Simple package.

Supporting materials