Video overview of authoring content for a Single Page Application in AEM Sites.

AEM's SPA Editor provides authors the ability to edit content for a Single Page Application or SPA. Developers using the framework create a SPA and then map areas of the SPA to AEM components, allowing authors to use familiar AEM Sites editing tools. The below video demonstrates some of the in-context editing features with the We.Retail Journal App. This includes both a React and Angular implementation.


The Single-Page Application (SPA) Editor feature requires AEM 6.4 service pack 2 or newer.

The SPA Editor is the recommended solution for projects that require SPA framework based client-side rendering (e.g. React or Angular).

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To use the We.Retail Journal SPA shown in the above videos:

  1. Install AEM 6.4 + Service Pack 2
  2. Install the We.Retail Journal SPA package

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