Using Content Fragments and Content Services in AEM

Adobe Experience Manager stores content in a media-neutral way and provide simple ways to get the content exposed beyond the usage within AEM. AEM 6.3 Feature Pack for Content Services provides a set of capabilities to simply expose the content within AEM via API endpoints to other channels in JSON format.


AEM 6.3 GA’s Content as a Service (CaaS) capability is overridden with the new FP's (  cq -6.3.0- featurepack -19614 and  cq -6.3.0- featurepack -19008 )  

This set of Feature Packs includes enhancements to Content Fragments and Content Services capabilities. AEM Content Fragments now support structured content. Structured content relationships are especially important when delivering as Content Services to channels other than AEM pages.

Content Fragment enhancements


The long-form editorial functionality of AEM 6.2 and AEM 6.3 pre-feature pack is at full parity via the Content Fragment models' Multi-line Text input. To access the full suite of longform text functionality, enter the Fullscreen authoring mode on the Multi-line Text input, which provides access to:

  • Text Formatting tools
  • Content types (Rich text, Markdown, Plaintext)
  • Text Statistics
  • Import Content
  • Summarization
  • Inline Media
  • Spellcheck
  • Find and Replace
  • Creates a more structured and page independent content based on a Content Fragment model.
  • Content Fragment model can be easily created using the model editor tool.
  • Content Fragment model editor provides a list of data types to create a model with mixed content type
  • Data types include:
    • Single Line Text
    • Multi-Line Text
    • Number
    • Enumeration
    • Boolean
    • Date and Time
    • Tags
    • Content Reference
  • Full set of AEM Rich Text Editor (RTE) functions and RTE Full Screen.
  • Easy to add and delete data elements from the content model.

Content Services JSON exporter framework

  • AEM's JSON Exporter delivers the contents of AEM page in JSON data model format. This can be used by other applications to render content from AEM.
  • Core Component for Content Fragments contains a Sling Model exporter to create and export JSON


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