This tutorial makes the following assumptions,

  • AEM 6.4
  • AEM is running as a local development environment
  • AEM is configured to run on the default port 4502 (e.g., http://localhost:4502)


All screenshots and associated steps are based on AEM 6.4.

Helpful Browser Bookmarks

It is recommended to bookmark the following pages to ease navigation during the tutorial,

  • AEM Start: http://localhost:4502/aem/start.html
  • Home Page Template: http://localhost:4502/editor.html/conf/l725/settings/wcm/templates/home-page-template/structure.html
  • Home Page: http://localhost:4502/editor.html/content/l725/dopetrope.html
  • CRX Package Manager: http://localhost:4502/crx/packmgr/index.jsp
  • CRXDE Lite: http://localhost:4502/crx/de/index.jsp 

Starter Packages

Install the following packages before beginning the tutorial,

Solution Packages


Solution packages starting with chapter 2 can be found in the Github repository for the tutorial. 

These are installed via Package Manager. Note that the solution packages all have the "red shield" icon.

  1. Navigate to CRX Package Manager (http://localhost:4502/crx/packmgr) using the Bookmark.

  2. Locate the Chapter solution package to install, the naming is in the format: where # is the chapter to provide the solution for.

  3. Tap on the Package name to expand the package's install controls.

  4. Tap on the Package name to expand the package's install controls.

Tutorial Table of Contents