Editable Templates gives the Web Producer significant control over the page layout, without any coding. Templates are also where various policies are configured to provide granular control over the content that can be created on pages. In Part 2 of the tutorial, the Home Page Template is updated with a Title and Navigation structural components. The allowed components of the Layout Container are updated.

Step by Step

  1. From the AEM Start Menu Navigate to Tools (Hammer icon) > General > Templates

  2. Tap into the L725 Folder.

  3. Hover over Home Page Template and tap the Pencil icon to open. 

  4. Ensure Structure mode is enabled in the top right. 

  5. Open the left Sidebar and tap the Components icon. 

  6. Drag a Title component to the very top of the page.

  7. Edit the Title component by tapping the Wrench icon. 


    In the dialog for the Title input the text Summit 2018 .

  8. Drag a Navigation component from the side panel onto the page beneath the Title component and above the first Layout Container. 

  9. Tap the Policy icon to open the Navigation component's Policy. 


    Verify Navigation Root is set to /content/l725/dopetrope

  10. Select the 1st Layout Container and tap the Policy icon. 

    1. In the Allowed Components Tab search for L725

    2. Check the box for L725 - Content. 

    3. Save the changes by taping the Check icon in the top right. 


After completing the above steps, the Home Page Template should look like,


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