Several enhancements have been made to the Sites Template Editor in AEM 6.3. This includes improved editor support for Templates as well as advanced policy configurations.

Editable Templates are now the recommendation for building new AEM Sites.

Consistent author experience  - Enhancements in AEM Sites authoring are carried over to Template editing including in-line Layout mode and Content Tree Panel.

Advanced Policy configurations - The following highlights some advanced policy configurations made available with Editable Templates.

  • Layout Container - ability to configure Allowed Components, Manage the Drag + Drop mapping of Assets, and Responsive Grid columns
  • Text Component - ability to configure Rich Text Editor plugins with a new UI and re-use RTE policies across templates.
  • Image Component - ability to turn on / turn off features such as cropping, desktop file-upload with a new UI and re-use Image policies across templates.

Editable Templates can be found under Tools > General > Templates.
Editable Templates URL (local aem instance): http://localhost:4502/libs/wcm/core/content/sites/templates.html/conf

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