You can use the Adobe Analytics Instrumentation Kit to integrate an HTML5 viewer with Adobe Analytics.

If you use any of the predefined Scene7 HTML5 viewer presets, be aware that they already contain all the implementation code needed to send data to Adobe Analytics--no further instrumentation is required by you. However, if you choose to create your own custom HTML5 viewers using the HTML5 Viewer SDK, see the Adobe Scene7 HTML5 Viewer SDK User Guide for instructions on how to use the Adobe Analytics Tracking Manager component.

The Adobe Scene7 HTML5 Viewer SDK User Guide is available as part of the SDK download from Adobe Developer Connection.


Set up Adobe Analytics tracking from Scene7 Publishing System

For all HTML5 viewers, add the following JavaScript to the HTML container, usually in the <head> element:

<!-- ***** Site Catalyst Tracking ***** --><script type="text/javascript" src="<SPS Company ID>&preset=companypreset-1"></script>

Company is set to the SPS company name. &preset is optional unless the company preset name is not companypreset. In such cases, it could be companypreset-1, companypreset-2, and so on. The higher number is a newer instance of the preset. To determine the correct company preset value name, click Copy URL , and then look at the preset= parameter to find the company preset name.

Continuing, you will now you add a function that transmits the viewer event to the Adobe Analytics tracking code.

Add the s7ComponentEvent() function to the container HTML (or JSP, or ASPX or other):

function s7ComponentEvent(objectId, componentClass, instanceName, timeStamp, eventData) {     s7track(eventData); }

The function name is case sensitive. The only parameter passed to s7componentEvent that is required is the last one: eventData. s7track() is defined in s_code.jsp included above. s7track handles all tracking per each event. (To further customize data transmitted to Adobe Analytics, this area is the place to do it.)

Enabling HREF and ITEM events

You can enable HREF (rollover) and ITEM (mouse clicks/touch) events in the viewers through Image Map editing. Define the identifiers for the HREF and ITEM within the Image Map that is associated with viewer content. Add a &rolloverKey= parameter to the HREF value within the Image Map.

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