Before you can integrate Scene7 with Target Classic, you must enter your Target Classic URL in the Scene7 Application General Settings screen. Follow these steps to obtain your Target Classic URL and enter it in the Application General Settings screen:

  1. Go to the Target Classic Login page at the following address:

  2. Enter your credentials, and then click Login.

  3. After you log in, in your browser’s address bar, copy the URL up to and including .com.

    For example, if the fictional URL (URLs paths always contain forward slashes, not back slashes as in this example) in the address bar is https:\\, copy only this portion of the fictional URL: https:\\

    In step 5, you paste the portion of the URL you copied into the Scene7 Application General Settings screen.

  4. In Scene7, click Setup > Application Setup.

  5. On the Application General Settings page, in the Target Classic Server Name field, paste the URL you copied in step 3.

  6. Click Close.

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