Adobe Scene7 offers the Help program and onscreen Help.

Help program

The Scene7 Help system is designed to direct you to information for completing all tasks. To access Help in the Scene7 Publishing System, choose Help > Help on This Topic. The Help system opens to a page that explains the Scene7 screen you are currently viewing. Choose Help > Help Contents to open the Help program to its table of contents.

To use the Help program:

Contents search

Click the Plus icon next to content titles and subtitles to find information. You can click the Minus icon to collapse subtitles.

Search by keyword

Enter a search term in the Search box. You see a list of pages from the Help system with the word you entered. Select a page to open it.

Hypertext link cross-references

Throughout the Help system are many hypertext link cross-references. Select a hypertext link to open the Help program to a page with more information or background information about the task you want to do.

For information about getting technical support from Scene7, choose Help > Support.

Onscreen Help

Scene7 offers onscreen Help:

Tool tips

You see a tool tip when you move the cursor over buttons, menus, and navigation links. Tool tips tell you the names of these onscreen items so you can identify them quickly.

Onscreen instructions

Some screens present getting-started instructions in the form of a text overlay that explains how to accomplish a task. In addition, some screens also offer these icons:

Instructions icon

Click the Info Tip icon to read brief task instructions.

Question Mark icon

Click the Question Mark icon next to specific buttons or controls to get an explanation of a button or control.

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