req=set returns type="unknown" | Scene7


Why does req=set sometimes return type="unknown"?


To learn how req=set auto detection works, see

Do not depend on the set auto detection in Image Serving. Each set record should have an AssetType to get predictable behavior. A set only containing images separated with commas can be various sets, which makes it is impossible to determine the type.

2d spinset
Returns type="unknown:"

  <set n="Company/1234567_R_S001" pv="1.0" type="unknown">

3d spinset
This option still returns the type="spin:"

  <set n="Viewers/SpinSet-Sample" pv="1.0" type="spin">

For instructions on specifying the type in advance, see;;spin

  <set n="TechSupportEU" pv="1.0" type="media_set"><item iv="uHQSA0" type="spin"><set n="TechSupportEU/111189-0039_spin" type="spin"><item dx="1000" dy="1000" iv="Zchrf1"><i n="TechSupportEU/111189-0039_1_spin"/></item><item dx="1000" dy="1000" iv="gnrrm3"><i n="TechSupportEU/111189-0039_2_spin"/></item></set></item></set>