FXG Script Labels and SPS parameters


Do FXG Script Labels create Scene7 Publishing System (SPS) parameters?


A Scripting Tag applied to an object does not create a parameter. What it does is to add an s7:elementID to the given object for use with DOM Manipulation. If you are trying to automatically create a text content parameter, create an Inline Text Variable.

It is accomplished by defining as the following example shows:

After pushing to SPS, using any upload mechanism, only paramvalue appears and is automatically assigned to the parameter: param.

There are some limitations to this method:

  • There must not be a space in the parameter value. This method is usually fine, since you are just creating a placeholder for the actual dynamic content. Spaces can be incorporated afterwards by using %20 in the URL.
  • The other limitation is that all of the attributes within the defining string use the same values. In other words, there should not be any change in color, fontSize, or anything…

In reality, it is not a limitation of inline text variables and with any method used we cannot define a text content variable to multiple spans. Within the FXG protocol, you separate any characters which use different settings into multiple spans that have the unique attributes applied to them. Using any method, it applies common attributes to all characters within a text content variables value. We would normally use another parameter for any text that needs different settings.