Target audience AEM authors, admins, and developers
Applicable CQ versions AEM 5.6 and later

The following table provides a complete listing of all of the sessions of Ask the AEM Community Experts. 

Name Description Link
Best practices for working with ContextHub in Adobe Experience Manager

(Sept 2017)
ContextHub is a framework for storing, manipulating, and presenting context data. The client-side JavaScript API enables you to access the data for personalizing content. Join Varun Mitra, on Tuesday September 26th at 8:00 AM PDT for an in depth look at best practices for working with ContextHub , and how to use a data layer in an AEM Sites. Click Here

AEM Core Components

(August 2017)

You will gain a deeper understanding of how to work with this new generation of Experience Manager Core components.  Click Here

AEM and Dispatcher

(July 2017)

Peter Nash and Axis 41 community members will discuss AEM and Dispatcher topics focusing on real world topics Click Here

AEM Assets & Dynamic Media

(June 2017)

Dive into best practices using AEM Assets -  Dynamic Media. The AEM Assets and Dynamic Media capabilities offer a framework and suite of components that allow creators and marketers to effortlessly customize and deliver interactive multimedia viewers across all devices.  Click Here

Using Lazybones and Editable template in AEM projects

(May 2017)

In this session, you will learn about using Lazybones and Editable template in AEM Projects Click Here

Building responsive layouts using Bootstrap and Angular JS

(April 2017)

In this session, you will learn AEM development techniques that you can
apply to your Experience Manager projects. Lokesh will provide demos and be on hand to answer your questions. 
Clik Here

Insights for using Adobe Analytics with Experience Manager to optimize data

(March 2017)

AEM-Adobe Analytics integration and Enabling business decisions based upon tests for different marketing strategies. Data can be used by developers to improve the functionality to better engage with visitors.  Click Here

Integrating Test and Target with Adobe Experience Manager for Personalization use cases

(January 2017)

Information about using Adobe Experience Manager and Test &Target together for digital marketing solutions.  Click Here

Best Practices for using Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign

(November 2016)

Information about using Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign together for digital marketing solutions. 

Click Here

Click Here Mp4

Comparative Architecture Analysis of large scale Experience Manager Installations

(October 2016)

This session will share large scale architectures from the author's experiences with various companies like Cisco, Symantec, and EMC and compare and contrast the architecture across: Infrastructure Architecture ScalingEcommerce integrations and migration approach from legacy into Adobe Experience Manager, Digital Marketing Cloud Integrations such as personalization, analytics, and DMP.

Click Here


Best Practices for Experience Manager and AEM Assets

(September 2016)

Abhishek Dwevedi,Tech Training Instructor and Developer, Adobe Worldwide Field Enablement for a discussion about using AEM Assets. By joining this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of best practices for using assets in Experience Manager.  Click Here

Working with Experience Manager and eCommerce

(August 2016)

This session will cover the eCommerce Framework, including how to use the eCommerce APIs. By joining this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to use the AEM eCommerce framework and the given APIs.  Click Here

Preparing for Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam

(July 2016)

Varun had provided suggestions on preparing for the developer exam and cover areas that developers taking the AEM Developer exam is expected to know. If you are planning on taking the AEM Dev Exam within the next 12 months, this is a session you want to attend.

Click Here

Click Here MP4

AEM Forms dive into Document Services

(June 2016)

Join Steve Monroe for a discussion about AEM Forms Document Services. 

Click Here

Click Here MP4

Understandng AEM Communities

(May 2016)

Join the AEM Eng team to gain a better understanding of how community functionality works within Experience Manager.  Click

Using AEM Forms

(April 2016)

Rajesh R. Kandasamy, a community contributor, (and other communuity members) provide an in-depth look at how to work with AEM Forms to build data capture applications Click Here

A Deep Dive into Sightly 

(Mar 2016)

Praveen Dubey, a top community contributor, for an in-depth look at how to use Sightly to build engaging Experience Manager Components. Click Here

Developing AEM Sling Components using Brackets

(Feb 2016)

Lokesh (Top AEM Community member of the year for 2015) for a walk though on developing Adobe Experience Manager Apache Sling components using Brackets. By joining this session, you will learn developer techniques using Brackets to program experience manager components using Sling APIs. Click Here

 A Deep Dive into AEM Apps

(Nov 2015)

Join the AEM Applications Eng team for a discussion about AEM Apps Click Here

Integrate AEM and other Digital Marketing products

(Oct 2015)

discussion about how to integrate Adobe Experience Manager and other Digital Marketing products.  Included in this discussion is an emphasis on AEM and Analytics Click Here

AEM & Dispatcher

(Sept 2015)

AEM expert Joerg Hoh @joerghoh provides insight into using Dispatcher with Adobe Experience Manager. By viewing this session you will gain a better knowledge about Dispatcher as well as best practices for configuring, using and securing communication between Dispatcher and AEM. Click Here

Personalization & segmentation with AEM & Adobe Campaign

(Aug 2015)

Shows you how to work with AEM and Campaign to create personalization and segmentation experiences. The password to access the recording is AugATCE Click Here

Advanced AEM component development

(July 2015)

Provides insights on creating components that use CQ.Ext APIs, build custom xtypes, invoke sling servlets, and build  advanced dialogs for components. Click Here

AEM & Sling

(May 2015)

Learn about Sling and its use within AEM.  Click Here

Creating AEM Touch UI components

(April 2015)

Learn how to create touch UI components, create dialogs and use Touch UI based APIs meant for component development.

(To watch this session, click link and enter password AtAEMCE.)

Click Here

Understanding AEM Workflows

(Mar 2015)

Provodes an in-depth on AEM Workflows. Included in this session is the different type of workflows you can create, building workflow models, how to create a custom workflow step, how to use Workflow launcher, and available workflow operations. By viewing this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to work with AEM workflows to address your business requirements. Click Here

Building login-based sites in AEM

(Feb 2015)

Walks through a presentation and demo on developing secure AEM web sites that require user authentication. This session will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to build AEM secure web site by using Sling technology. Click Here

Introduction to Sightly

(Jan 2015)

Provides an Introduction to Sightly  Click Here

Getting Started with AEM Apps

(Nov 2014)

Talks about how to get up and running with AEM apps and developing mobile applications for use with Adobe Experience Manager.  Click Here

Testing AEM Applications with ease

(Oct 2014)

Demonstrates the new AEM Testing tool for testing AEM applications. You will learn how to use the new tool, you and new ways to improve your AEM applications and get rid of potential bugs. Click Here

Developing custom services to customize AEM

(July 2014)

This session covers developing custom services to customize AEM. It provides details on how to develop Java-based services to customize AEM to meet your business requirements. Click Here

(Contributed by Shishank Mathur)

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