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Discusses how to create a Translation Bootstrap Connector  for AEM 6.1.0. 
Digital Marketing Solution(s) Adobe Experience Manager (Adobe CQ)
Developer (beginner - intermediate)
Required Skills Java
Tested On Adobe Experience Manager 6.1


The bootstrap connector built for AEM 6.1.0 uses the Translation Framework API. For information, see Package com.adobe.granite.translation.api.

The purpose of the connector is to:

  •  Provide sample code to translation partners and technical service providers to start building their connector.
  •  Provide best practices for building/packaging the connector.
  •  Highlight the coding standards for the connector certification process.
  •  Serve as a reference implementation of the Translation API.

Bootstrap Connector Installation Steps

This document lists the steps to set up the Bootstrap connector on an AEM 6.1 GA build.

1. Make sure you are using the GA version of AEM 6.1.     

2. Download the latest version of the bootstrap connector from the Git repo.

3. Download the Archiva servlet package and install it on your local AEM instance using the package

4. Verify if the http://localhost:4502/maven/repositorylink works. You might see a blank screen This is normal.

5. Update your Maven settings.xml with the included entries for AEM repository:

		<name>AEM local repository</name>
		<name>AEM local repository</name>

6. Navigate to the bootstrap-connector directory and run the following command:

mvn clean install -U

7. You can also run the build and install the connector package on the local AEM instance using the following mvn goal:

cd ~/git/dummy-connector/content
mvn clean install vault:install


Next Steps

1. Become an Adobe Solution Partner

  • If, after evaluating the getting started package and bootstrap connector, you are interested in becoming an Adobe partner, please register for the Adobe Solution Partner Program.
  •  If you have already built a connector and are interested in having Adobe validate your connector for hosting on the Adobe Package Share & Marketing Exchange, you must still register for the Adobe Solution Partner Program.

2. Complete the NDA Process

  • In order to host your connector on Package Share and have a Marketing Exchange listing for your connector, an NDA must be in place. To start the NDA process, please email Melissa Baerwald at with:

o Primary signatory contact information

o Your company’s legal entity information

o Lead technical contact information

Questions? Please feel free to email Melissa Baerwald at with any questions you have about the Adobe Translation Partner Program.

See also

Congratulations, you have just setup the AEM Bootstrap connector. Please refer to the AEM community page for other articles that discuss how to build AEM services/applications.

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