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Getting started with Creative Cloud Express templates

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express Overview
    2. Adobe Creative Cloud Express system requirements
    3. Keyboard shortcuts | Adobe Creative Cloud Express
    4. Adobe Creative Cloud Express | Frequently asked questions
    5. Release Notes
  3. Create and edit graphics, photos, and videos
    1. Getting started with Creative Cloud Express templates
    2. Create a web page using Creative Cloud Express
    3. Create a video using Creative Cloud Express
    4. Animate texts and photos
  4. Create and manage brands
    1. How to create and manage your brand in Creative Cloud Express
    2. Learn how to manage shared brands and branding assets in Creative Cloud Express
    3. Using Custom fonts in Creative Cloud Express
  5. Quick action
    1. Resize your images using quick action
    2. Remove background from your images using quick action
    3. Convert your images to JPG or PNG using quick action
    4. Trim your video using quick action
    5. Resize your video using quick action
    6. Convert to GIF using quick action
    7. Crop video using quick action
    8. Learn how to Convert PDF and Export PDF using quick action
    9. FAQ | Quick actions
  6. Publish and share
    1. Collaborating and sharing on Adobe Creative Cloud Express
    2. Hosting your Creative Cloud Express projects
    3. Creating and using Creative Cloud Libraries
    4. Transferring projects between accounts
    5. Privacy and permissions
  7. Creative Cloud Express on mobile
    1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express for iOS
    2. Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Android
    3. Manage Adobe Creative Cloud Express subscriptions on iOS
    4. Manage Adobe Creative Cloud Express subscriptions on Android
    5. Manage Adobe Creative Cloud Express subscriptions on Samsung Galaxy Store
  8. Creative Cloud Express for Education
    1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education
    2. Teachers- all you need to know about Creative Cloud Express for Education
    3. Students- all you need to know about Creative Cloud Express for Education

Adobe Creative Cloud Express offers customizable and free online templates for all your needs, from creating flyers, banners, or designing a logo. It’s as easy as choosing a template, customizing, and sharing.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express has a library of eye-catching templates, which you can customize with personal text, logos, colors, and images:

  • Choose from our repository of templates that showcase strong graphic design elements and bright colorful palettes that can make your content pop.
  • Use shapes, layers, and cutouts to add depth.
  • Enhance your content by bringing in Adobe Fonts.
  • Add movement using animated effects on text, images, and colors.

Remix a template

  1. Browse the templates library to find and create the right content.

    Creative Cloud Express has hundreds of curated templates for you to choose from, depending on your needs. Alternatively, click the (+) icon on the left navigation bar and select from the wide variety of options.

  2. Find the right visuals.

    Select any of the images in your template and click Replace. You can then type a keyword in the Search bar to choose from the extensive photo library of design assets. Once you’ve found the perfect image, drag it over to your design, and drop it where it must go. You can also upload a photo from your system.

  3. Edit text or add new text.

    Replace the text on your template or add your own text. 

    To edit text:

    1. Click on the existing text box.
    2. In the right toolbar, select the text you want to edit.
    3. Type your text.
    4. Use the formatting options in the right toolbar to change its font, size, color, alignment, spacing, and more.

    To add text:

    1. In the left panel, click Text.
    2. Choose Add your text to create a text box, or choose from the text templates available.
    3. Type your text and format it using the styling options from the right panel.
  4. Undo and redo your designs

    You can undo and redo your designs from the top center of your Creative Cloud Express dashboard. Select Back Arrow to undo any changes you have made or select the Foward Arrow to redo.

  5. Add icons, design assets, and logos.

    From the left toolbar, select Icons or Design Assets to search for creative common licensed assets you can easily pull into your project. Select Logos to add logos from your brands or upload new ones.

  6. Replace Background.

    Select Background from the right toolbar. Choose a background from thousands of curated and categorized backgrounds. When prompted select if you want to pin it to the background or move it freely.

  7. Bring in your assets from Creative Cloud Libraries.

    Libraries are collections of assets that you can share with anyone. If you already have one, from the left toolbar, select Libraries. All your assets will automatically show up in Creative Cloud Express. For more information, see Creating and using Creative Cloud Libraries.

  8. Edit colors.

    1. Click out of the template to make sure that no element is selected.
    2. Click Color on the right panel. The applied colors, colors from your brand, and other suggestions will appear.
    3. Choose from any of the available color palettes. 
    4. (Optional) Shuffle colors or edit individual colors in a palette to customize your color choices further.
  9. Add animations.

    1. Click out of the template to make sure that no element is selected.
    2. Click Animation on the right panel. 
    3. Choose from a set of curated animations for texts or photos.

    For more information, see Animate texts and photos in Creative Cloud Express.

  10. Edit the background and border.

    1. Click out of the template to make sure that no element is selected.
    2. Click Background on the right panel. 
    3. Choose a background design.
    4. Use the dragger to adjust the border size.
  11. Resize your whole design to fit various platforms.

     If you are on the Creative Cloud Express Premium plan or the Creative Cloud All Apps plan, you can quickly resize your layout to get you to a finished design faster.

    1. (Optional) Duplicate an existing project so you can modify this version without altering your original project.
    2. Open the project you want to resize.
    3. In the editor, from the left toolbar click Resize. Select from the presets or enter your custom dimensions. Your design elements will adjust to best fit the new dimensions so you can skip to the final refining stage for your design.
    4. Add or edit any additional changes to your design.

     If you are on the Creative Cloud Express free starter plan, you will need to search and reselect and recreate your design and effects for every new size you are creating. Before September 8th, 2021, there were additional options for resizing in the starter plan, which have been moved to Creative Cloud Express paid plan - designed to accelerate productivity for users who are creating frequently.  

  12. Revamp your design if needed.

    Not happy with your creation? Click Design from the right toolbar and change your design in minutes by switching templates or switching brands.

Create your own Template

Adobe Creative Cloud Express allows you to add any existing or new project to make it a shared template. These templates will be copied to your library and anyone who has access to the library will be able to start new projects from these templates.

To create a template, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Creative Cloud Express project.
  2. (Optional) Edit your design.
  3. From the upper right corner, select Share.
  4. Choose Make a template.
  5. Add a template name. You can choose to save the template to one of your existing Libraries or create a new one.
  6. Click Save Template.

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