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Learn about the new features and enhancements in Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime has launched the latest version in July 2017. Read on to know the new features and enhancements that are available in this release of Captivate Prime.

For a summary of features introduced in earlier releases of Captivate Prime, see Feature summary | earlier releases.

New features in Captivate Prime July 2017 release

The following new features have been introduced in the Captivate Prime July 2017 release.

Audit trail

Use the Learning Object Audit Trail report generator to generate a report of all the changes and edits made to a course during its life in the system. The generated report has information about the object id, object name, object type, modification type, description, among others.

For detailed information about generating this report, see Reports.

Email template and domain customization

You can now customize the name and email id from which the learners receive emails. This update also lets you customize your email banner from the Email Banner option. You can also choose to have a custom image as the banner.

Call the Captivate Prime helpdesk to get assistance regarding customization of email domain and email id.

For detailed information about generating this report, see Email templates.

Custom image banner
Custom image banner

Manager role enhancements

This release of Captivate Prime brings many enhancements to the role of a Manager. As a manager, you can now enroll your reporters to learning objects and view their quiz score and feedback data. Managers can also assign job aids to their reporters and unenroll them.

For detailed information about generating this report, see Learning Objects.

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