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Brand Portal lets users (both administrators and non-administrators) download assets/folders that are accessible to them. This way, approved brand assets can be distributed for offline use.

You can download a single asset or a folder containing assets. You can also download multiple assets or folders simultaneously.

  1. From the Brand Portal interface, select the folder or asset to download.

  2. From the toolbar, click the Download icon.


    The Download dialog displays with the Assets option selected by default.

  3. Select Renditions to download the renditions for assets in addition to the assets. If you want to download the rendition only, unselect the Assets option.


    By default, only the assets are downloaded.  

  4. By default, the Download all assets in one folder option is selected, which causes the assets to be downloaded to a single folder in your local system. If you want to download the assets in the folder hierarchy they are organized in Brand Portal, unselect the option.  

  5. Select the Email option, to send an email notification to users when assets are downloaded.

  6. Click Download. The assets/renditions are downloaded as a ZIP file to your local folder.