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Release Information

Products Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.2
Version 6.2 Service Pack 1
Type Service Pack Release
Date December 19, 2016
Download URL AEM 6.2 Service Pack 1 on PackageShare

What's included in AEM 6.2 SP1

AEM 6.2 Service Pack (SP) 1 is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.2 in April 2016.

AEM 6.2 Service Pack 1 can be installed on AEM 6.2 GA after applying Hotfix 12785 to it. Some of the key highlights of the service pack are:

  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.4.6
  • Includes hotfixes for key performance, usability, and customer reported issues in AEM 6.2 and 6.1
  • Improved stability, scalability, and ingestion performance for AEM Assets
  • Resolved issues with handling translation location and templates in Sites
  • Improved the stability of translation jobs
  • Improved search experience on the Welcome screen 
  • Improved preview experience for assets, including video assets
  • Resolved replication issues around user preferences


AEM 6.2 SP1 has a dependency on Hotfix 12785 version 7.0.


AEM 6.2 SP1 depends on GA version of some content packages for the automatic installation of AEM 6.2 SP1 through the ../crx-quickstart/install folder. For more information, see Dependency Information.

List of changes


  • While using Omnisearch in another language, suggestions that come from the server are not in the correct locale. GRANITE-11826
  • Requirement to support location names in English as well as other locales to let users to switch from English to another language without having to relearn the inputs. GRANITE-11825
  • Fixed dysfunctional timeout feature of the external workflow process. GRANITE-11810
  • The ThreadDumpCollector does not cleanup the old dump files. GRANITE-10623
  • The AuditLog Maintenance task wrongly sets minimum age as days instead of milliseconds. CQ-96554
  • Checkbox field alignment issue in Properties tabs. CQ-79242
  • Breadcrumb style does not match specifications. CQ-74431

Hotfixes Included in Platform

  • RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded. NPR-13475: Hotfix for GRANITE-13855
  • Cross site scripting and HTML injection vulnerability when using the Handlebars.js. NPR-13382: Hotfix for GRANITE-14368
  • Leaky JCR sessions in ReplicationListener. NPR-13011: Hotfix for CQ-97787
  • Issues with saving the translation of a tag in different languages on IE with Touch UI. NPR-12628: Hotfix for CQ-78146
  • Concurrency issue with shared distribution packages. NPR-11852: Hotfix for SLING-5336
  • User preferences are not replicated using the reverse replication agent. NPR-11776: Hotfix for NPR-11495
  • Upload particular PDF files completely consumes CPU resources. NPR-11749: Hotfix for GRANITE-12929
  • Requirement for bundle update for "ThreadDumpCollector: No Discovery Available" error. NPR-11700
  • Replication fails if page is moved before reaching OnTime. NPR-11545: Hotfix for CQ-89172
  • Clicking a user-generated payload link in the Notification inbox returns a 404 error. NPR-11466
  • The Auditlog Purge task does not remove nodes with cq:type VersionCreated. NPR-11365: Hotfix for CQ-88826
  • Binaryless replication failure on files. NPR-11192: Hotfix request for GRANITE-12742
  • ChunkCleanUpTask runs into an endless loop with empty chunks. NPR-10894: Hotfix for GRANITE-12505
  • Incorrect behaviour of replication AliasPreprocessor. NPR-10706: Hotfix for GRANITE-11643
  • SslFilter corrupts headers when filtering requests using HTTPS upstream. NPR-10247: Hotfix for GRANITE-12070
  • Resolved various ResourceResolver update issues that make the AEM instance unresponsive. NPR-11490: Hotfix for GRANITE-11906, GRANITE-13126

Adobe Experience Manager - Assets

  • Fixed performance issues with AEM Assets user interface. TGT-17976
  • Released Coral UI package to fix multiple issues with tables. NPR-11826
  • Small interval for notifications. GRANITE-13224
  • No affordance in a folder title that it can be used as breadcrumb. GRANITE-12895
  • Cards or the items in the list view are no more made of <a> elements with meaningful Href attributes, impacting many browser features. GRANITE-12783
  • Notifications configured to be updated every minute instead of 30 minutes. GRANITE-11949
  • Users unable to select icons in card view in Operations dashboard. GRANITE-11777
  • Users unable to download assets shared via email if their names contain special characters. CQ-102075
  • Multiple issues with the workflow option under the Create button. CQ-99227
  • Unexpected behavior of the Create > Files option for upload files. CQ-99226
  • Existing notifications are discarded when the fix for frequent notifications (pulse.data.json) is applied. CQ-99015
  • Asset upload issues when ChunkUploadSupported is disabled. CQ-97399
  • When searching for assets using the type ahead capability for tags in the Assets Search Rail, if a tag is selected when typing ahead, it doesn't return any results. CQ-97329
  • The Upload dialog in TouchUI for assets closes if user clicks anywhere in the screen except the popup. CQ-97288
  • Users unable to download assets shared via email if their names contain special characters. CQ-95795
  • The Page Extraction option in PDF should be disabled by default. CQ-95505
  • Incorrect page information displayed in the Pages view of uploaded PDF file. CQ-95199
  • On Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox, the Timeline left sidebar is not visible after the user clicks the Annotate option. CQ-94693
  • Requirement to extend the Image Preset UI to add CMYK color space option. CQ-93945
  • Uploading assets in large resolution TIFF format cause out-of-memory issues. CQ-92039
  • Exception occurs when users click the Save button in the Preview Catalog wizard. CQ-91047
  • The Metadata Schema editor list does not accept entries with a "/" in the Title or Value field. CQ-91011
  • Unexpected behavior of the overlayed Dropdown field in Metadata Schema editor. CQ-91010
  • Watermarking does not work as expected. CQ-90941
  • The AEM instance becomes unresponsive when multiple Asset UIs are opened simultaneously. CQ-90917
  • Content fragments are not visible in the Assets console. CQ-90562
  • Users unable to assign ratings to assets. CQ-90358
  • Errors occur when publishing assets/sites. CQ-90316
  • MetadataProcessorProcess performance issues during asset ingestion. CQ-90058
  • DAM Update Asset workflow does not run on assets uploaded with DM disabled. CQ-88056
  • Expired flag is displayed on asset card for every asset uploaded in reorderable folder. CQ-87136
  • Cloud service configuration under page properties of an asset not working for non-administrator users. CQ-87008
  • Issues with the OSGI HTTP bundle causing memory losses. CQ-86395
  • Performance issues during asset uploads and collection updates. CQ-86393
  • Asset state not displayed in timeline when it is loaded for the first time for an asset. CQ-86331
  • Video Report details page does not show video. CQ-85668
  • Unnecessary error logged when inserting a component that has a <script> tag with non-JavaScript content. CQ-85574
  • Edit layer refreshes completely while performing operations on a specific component. CQ-85269
  • Requirement to make the number of Image Server worker threads configurable. CQ-83667
  • JavaScript error occurs when users navigate via preview mode to a page that has content fragments. CQ-83114
  • Users unable to upload Assets via Touch UI without Delete permissions on folders. CQ-82715
  • The UserAdmin interface does not return any results if users synchronized from LDAP are searched by user id. CQ-82051
  • Workflow status not displayed on the cards for pages and content fragments. CQ-82030
  • News boxes in Geometrixx Media misaligned in Responsive Grid. CQ-81870
  • Issues with overlays when page has 100% height. CQ-81860
  • No graph and values available on the Detail page for a video in the Reporting area. CQ-81815
  • After the Coral 3 upgrade, the last card in content insight is not displayed anymore. CQ-81738
  • Fixes for mixed-media viewer. CQ-80825
  • Saved search might not work after upgrading to AEM 6.2. CQ-80741
  • Manually entered URLs and SKUs in image editor can be lost when switching between hotspots. CQ-80355
  • Users unable to add a hotspot using non-product SKU and a generic variable when editing interactive images. CQ-79801
  • When editing interactive images, users are unable to add a second hotspot after saving the first when using non-product SKUs. CQ-79800
  • When a video file with a space in its file name is uploaded to AEM and then the resulting Video Asset is downloaded, the video renditions are missing. CQ-79241
  • Asset Details page not loading properly with dynamic media enabled on an upgraded AEM instance. CQ-79187
  • Hotspot Management page returns error when loading hotspots for an image that has non-Latin characters in its name. CQ-79035
  • Alignment issues with the Reopen icon label in Assets action bar. CQ-78424
  • Performance issues with ListFolder Assets. CQ-77453
  • View and Rail Switcher menus stay open unless the user selects an option. CQ-75879
  • Requirement to clear org.apache.felix.http.whiteboard deprecation warnings from the error.log file. CQ-75196
  • Poor UI experience while loading page with many assets. CQ-74091
  • Requirement to migrate already existing processing profile and metadata schema configurations from /apps to /conf. CQ-55358
  • Broken experience when searching from welcome page. CQ-37511
  • Error in logs while loading the Recently Modified Assets collection page. CQ-98753
  • Dysfunctional Omnisearch feature in Assets. CQ-86884
  • Unexpected behavior observed when users choose the Assets option from the Navigation rail. CQ-83167
  • Dysfunctional Version preview for Photo Shop files. CQ-79584
  • Order of newly added facets not maintained in the search form it is previewed from within search facets. CQ-79369
  • Clicking the Open button in the Success dialog after creating catalog downloads the catalog instead of opening it in a new tab. CQ-79337
  • The Apply to all option in the duplicate detection feature does not work. CQ-79336
  • Subassets are listed in the page overview for multipage indesign file, instead of pages. CQ-79172
  • Clicking an asset in the navigation rail doesn't take the user to the root folder. CQ-79143
  • Errors logged when loading the Collections page. CQ-79130
  • Expired subassets count does not increase when subassets expire. CQ-78981
  • Users cannot select an asset after clicking the unselect button in the review task page. CQ-77677
  • Blank page appears when a preview is generated for an existing page that is added to a catalog. CQ-77668
  • Users unable to reorder assets and folders in a collection. CQ-77621
  • ListFolder assets performance degradation. CQ-77453
  • Image preview is not updated when a user reverts to an older version of an asset. CQ-77368
  • Request to change the Workflow UI in the Timeline panel. CQ-76935
  • Uncaught Type error while loading Asset Report page in Touch UI. CQ-76432
  • When clicking the Create button in AEM 6.2, the list remains open even after an option is selected. CQ-76345
  • Users unable to drag assets to collections/Lightbox on Firefox/IE11. CQ-75821
  • The dc:description property of an uploaded incorrectly appears as a multivalue field. CQ-74357
  • UI issue with the Calendar window in Search rail. CQ-73921
  • Annotated text appears truncated in the timeline. CQ-69761

Hotfixes Included in Assets

  • Incorrect Coral-select initialization on Internet Explorer (IE11 or Edge) for a single item. NPR-13395: Hotfix for CQ-101013
  • Users unable to download assets shared via email if their names contain special characters. NPR-12872: Hotfix for CQ-95795
  • Generating assets reports in an instance that contains numerous assets causes heavy traversals for non-indexed searches. NPR-12811: Hotfix for CQ-84409
  • Checkbox field required in Metadata schema editor. NPR-12791: Hotfix for CQ-95498
  • Asset upload progress bar not visible when a large asset is uploaded. NPR-12627: Hotfix for NPR-12526
  • On IE 11, search entries in the Assets filter are truncated. NPR-12533: Hotfix for CQ-94701
  • Requirement to disable MissingMetadataNotificationJob by default. NPR-12500: Hotfix for CQ-93573
  • Issues with the display/rendering of the Create button. NPR-12430: Hotfix for CQ-91658 and CQ-94182
  • XMP write-back unexpectedly changes resolution values of a specific TIFF image to 1. NPR-12115: Hotfix for CQ-90813
  • Subasset references are not available when AI composition is saved as PDF. NPR-11907: Hotfix for CQ-91711
  • Assets without dc:title value listed as empty in pathfield dialog browser. NPR-11890: Backport request for CQ-88858
  • Assets Home page stretching image renditions. NPR-11873: Hotfix for CQ-88425
  • Issue with Lightbox permissions. NPR-11717: Hotfix for CQ-89379
  • AEM Assets fails to generate report for a large number of assets. NPR-11693: Hotfix for CQ-89359
  • AEM Assets metadata profile tags field creates single value String when there is one default value. NPR-11520: Hotfix for CQ-87621
  • Disable Edit option for Tag fields in Asset Properties (Touch UI) not working. NPR-11515: Hotfix for CQ-88835
  • Request to remove the support "Viewer" option from from Role Dropdown in UI for Assets-Creative Cloud integration. NPR-11450: Hotfix for CQ-89395
  • When DOC and DOCX (extension in upper case) files getting stuck in workflow when uploaded to Assets. NPR-11360: Hotfix for CQ-88722
  • Assets without dc:title value listed as empty in the pathfield dialog browser. NPR-11312: Hotfix for CQ-88858
  • Fix for unnecessary "mac-default-lightbox*" groups for every user that is created via SAML. NPR-11308: Hotfix for CQ-88232
  • Support for PDFRasterizer to allow easier integration with third party rendition generators. NPR-11217: Hotfix for CQ-40650
  • Requirement to simplify DM Hybrid Authentication setup on author. NPR-11201: Hotfix for CQ-88130
  • Image file containting ampersand (&) replaced with equivalent HTML encoding (&amp;) on Content Finder. NPR-11145: Hotfix for CQ-87761
  • Asset API fixes for 6.2 for Desktop App SMB implementation. NPR-11099
  • Error occurs when cropping an image in Assets using custom aspect ratio. NPR-11075: Hotfix for CQ-87675
  • Form selector in the URL kills the system. In addition, DefaultAuditLog/audit.json.jsp leaks audit log information. NPR-10956: Cumulative hotfix for CQ-73794 and CQ-84053
  • Unclosed service user session in asset link share. NPR-10938: Hotfix for CQ-86833
  • Users unable to customize the metadata schema for JPEG images to add a multifield property. NPR-10921: Hotfix for CQ-84898
  • Edit icon displays for a Word document on the Assets console. NPR-10914: Hotfix for CQ-86701
  • Touch UI dysfunctions when users overlay asset report options. NPR-10828: Hotfix for CQ-86097
  • Generating asset reports in an instance that contains numerous assets causes heavy traversals in error logs. NPR-10815: Hotfix for CQ-84409
  • Uploading assets returns "java.io.IOException: Platform Server could not render image". NPR-10729
  • Users unable to sharing assets with context path to Creative Cloud. NPR-10708: Hotfix for CQ-77438
  • Users unable to drag multiple files in AEM Assets in Safari on Mac. NPR-10514: Hotfix for CQ-82601
  • Downloading the CSV file for an asset report taking a long time. NPR-10416: Hotfix for CQ-82967
  • Moving/deleting tags produces unexpected results on /damamdin. NPR-10288
  • Resolved issues around users unable to select saved searches in Touch UI when it is opened in IE11. NPR-10665: Hotfix for CQ-78863
  • Fixed issues with GET requests used Search in Assets and in Sites in TouchUI generating longer URLs. NPR-10177: Hotfix for CQ-82053
  • PSD rendition not generated for specific PSD files. NPR-10124: Hotfix for CQ-80218
  • Uploading a PDF file causing out-of-memory error when AEM is upgraded to version 6.1. NPR-9610: Hotfix for CQ-70656
  • Uploading specific PNG files to Assets causes a spike in CPU utilization. NPR-9152


  • Issues with handling and translation of locations. GRANITE-11379
  • Issues with template order in the Template console. CQ-93508
  • MSM erroneously compares the context's RolloutConfigs with the LiveRelationships between two LiveRealtionships to detect configuration changes. CQ-89664
  • The page properties dialog is not closable after doing a rollout of a blueprint from the Blueprint tab. CQ-81835
  • After leaving the Annotate layer, users cannot drag and drop editable components. CQ-81093
  • The Effective Permissions option in the Permissions tab of page properties is unavailable. CQ-80106
  • Clicking on an item in list view doesn't redirect to the properties page of the asset. CQ-79583
  • Dysfunctional "Rollout Page" action in the preview mode of a page (after Page-refresh) due to problems in initializing the Rollout dialog. CQ-79144
  • Component console unable to display policies outside of /libs. CQ-79054
  • Template modified date not set for the template or internal template pages. CQ-76849
  • Templates not fully activated when a page is activated via page editor. CQ-76540
  • Users unable to drop components into an already added layout container component within a page. CQ-71172
  • Thumbnail tab of the Page Properties dialog missing the 'Upload Image' button. CQ-68495
  • Custom list view columns not displaying column names. NPR-13194: Hotfix for CQ-98772

Hotfixes Included in Sites

  • Fixed multiple issues with LiveCopy pages. NPR-11493: Hotfix for CQ-89375, CQ-86613, CQ-81114, CQ-58969
  • Rollout fails for a page including subpages from Blueprint to a given LiveCopy. NPR-11110: Hotfix for CQ-87717
  • Sightly image component uses PNG extension for JPG image. NPR-10750: Hotfix for CQ-84823
  • Column Control not working on iparsys. NPR-10520: Hotfix for CQ-83686
  • Incorrect template order in the Template console. NPR-10276: Hotfix for CQ-78772
  • Content/component issues with LiveCopy. NPR-10196: Hotfix for CQ-79153, CQ-72800, CQ-82006, CQ-78028



AEM Service Pack does not include fixes for AEM Forms. They are delivered using a separate Forms add-on package. In addition, a cumulative installer is released that includes fixes for AEM Forms on JEE. For more information, see Install AEM Forms add-on and Install AEM Forms JEE installer.

Hotfixes included in Forms

  • Incorrect translation of heading levels in XDP to HTML. NPR-12593
  • Incorrect HTML output from Forms-Designer for Caption and Tooltip. NPR-12594
  • Added language support for document of record. NPR-10782
  • ServiceConfigurationError vendorName == null error to be reported as a warning or ignored in logs. NPR-11742
  • Inability to duplicate asset. NPR-10251
  • Text copied and pasted from within CM loses its formatting. NPR-10720
  • User cannot use the keyboard combinations like Shift-Ctrl-left arrow or Shift-Ctrl-right arrow to highlight a word in the Text Editor. NPR-11698
  • Preview of a letter is blank in Interner Explorer. NPR-12599
  • When the user adds a custom property and lists it as a column in list view, the property column is visible in the List view page but not on the Search page. NPR-11715
  • When you search for an asset and switch to the List view, table headings are not shown in the List view. NPR-11714
  • When the user tries to edit a text fragment that was imported from AEM 6.1, the UI becomes unresponsive and after a while the following warning appears: "Warning : Unresponsive script" NPR-11903
  • Ability to have CM tasks in workspace. NPR-9295
  • When a mobile form with attachment is submitted, user gets  "request was rejected because its size is unknown" error. NPR-11524
  • Improperly embedded fonts in merged PDFs cause large sized files. NPR-11694
  • When a user submits a PDF rendered HTML5 form, irrelevant pop up appears asking the user to resubmit the form. NPR-10915
  • 'object is null or undefined' error encountered when using Search templates. NPR-10916
  • When 'Search Templates' option is used to look up tasks, Save/Submit buttons disappear for returned tasks after a fraction of seconds in HTML workspace. NPR-10917
  • Users unable to start a process when the user saves a draft of the startpoint with a custom name and later submits it. NPR-10918
  • HTML Workspace "Select save Draft " functionality not working. NPR-10919
  • 'Blank form submit' Issues in HTML workspace. NPR-11472
  • The PDF/A document metadata does not include the extension schema and the property type does not match. NPR-12213
  • The embedded font in the PDF/A document does not have glyph names. NPR-12212
  • The key N in the PF/A document is incorrectly set to 4. NPR-12210
  • PDF Generator now supports Microsoft Office 2016 Excel,  Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and project. NPR-12252
  • HTML workspace does not open with Internet Explorer 11 when the workspace URL is added to the Trusted Intranet Sites. NPR-12219
  • Cannot open a form from the to-do list in HTML workspace when SSO is enabled. NPR-12223
  • Save Draft functionality does not work in HTML workspace. NPR-13117
  • Cannot sync large number (1500+ Active Directory users in a group. NPR-12227
  • The import of large IDP metadata file fails when configuring SAML authentication provider in an enterprise or hybrid domain. NPR-13529
  • When you add assets to a letter, a list module, or a condition module, the assets are added in editable state by default. NPR-13035
  • In Data view, the indicator that shows the number of unfilled mandatory fields disappears when all mandatory fields are filled. NPR-11799
  • Error messages no longer display the extraneous HTML tags. NPR-12782
  • Text editor and Create Correspondence UI now include a set of special characters that you can insert in text and also provide support for adding more characters. NPR-10980
    For more information, see Custom special characters in Correspondence Management.
  • Added support for converting Microsoft Word and Excel 2016 documents to PDF using PDF Generator. CQ-100780
  • Double-tap a field in the content view to open it in the editor. (Ref# NPR-11801)
  • To prevent unauthorized use of PDF preview of letter and the data therein, organizations can impose a watermark on the preview PDF. The default watermark is "PREVIEW", which appears across the PDF. The watermark and its appeance can also be customized. (Ref# NPR-11805)
  • While rendering a letter, when one or more text fragments inside a list have underlined sentences, the list bullets are also incorrectly underlined. (Ref# NPR-14203)
  • While rendering a letter, when one or more text fragments inside a list have boldfaced content, the list bullets are also incorrectly displayed in bold. (Ref# NPR-14204)
  • When you add assets to a letter, a list module, or a condition module, the assets are added in editable state by default. (Ref# NPR-13035)
  • In Data view, the indicator that shows the number of unfilled mandatory fields disappears when all mandatory fields are filled. (Ref# NPR-11799)
  • Error messages no longer display the extraneous HTML tags. (Ref# NPR-12782)
  • Text editor and Create Correspondence UI now include a set of special characters that you can insert in text and also provide support for adding more characters. (Ref# NPR-10980)
  • Added support for converting Microsoft Word and Excel 2016 documents to PDF using PDF Generator. (Ref# CQ-100780)
  • Inability to duplicate asset. (Ref# NPR-10251)
  • Text copied and pasted from within Correspondence Management loses its formatting. (Ref# NPR-10720)
  • User cannot use the keyboard combinations like Shift-Ctrl-left arrow or Shift-Ctrl-right arrow to highlight a word in the Text Editor. (Ref# NPR-11698)
  • Preview of a letter is blank in Interner Explorer. (Ref# NPR-12599)
  • Incorrect translation of heading levels in XDP to HTML. (Ref# NPR-12593)
  • Incorrect HTML output from Forms-Designer for Caption and Tooltip. (Ref# NPR-12594)
  • Added language support for document of record. (Ref# NPR-10782)
  • ServiceConfigurationError vendorName == null error to be reported as a warning or ignored in logs. (Ref# NPR-11742)
  • When the user adds a custom property and lists it as a column in list view, the property column is visible in the List view page but not on the Search page. (Ref# NPR-11715)
  • When you search for an asset and switch to the List view, table headings are not shown in the List view. (Ref# NPR-11714)
  • When the user tries to edit a text fragment that was imported from AEM 6.1, the UI becomes unresponsive and after a while the following warning appears: "Warning : Unresponsive script" (Ref# NPR-11903)
  • Ability to have CM tasks in workspace. (Ref# NPR-9295)
  • When a mobile form with attachment is submitted, user gets  "request was rejected because its size is unknown" error. (Ref# NPR-11524)
  • Support to select CM Letters in Select CRX Asset dialogue box and creating default action profile for CM letter based tasks. (Ref# NPR-11754)


  • Users unable to create new project through Apache in AEM 6.2. CQ-97083
  • Users unable to override languages defined in Translation Projects. CQ-91738
  • The "Add to Existing" option does not display the translation project and folder. CQ-89675
  • Import\Export not supported for existing AEM 6.1 translation projects that contain translation objects. CQ-89529
  • Create button disabled in the Assets Reference panel. CQ-89197
  • AEM doesn't support the translation of i18n dictionaries with jcr:language values that contain dashes. CQ-88241
  • Users unable to create translation projects from Sites/Assets Reference panel. CQ-88171
  • The "Add to Existing" option not adding assets to existing translation projects after upgrading AEM to version 6.2 from 6.1. CQ-87942
  • Translation Project isn't created if the locales mismatch. CQ-87739
  • Stability issues with modifying translation jobs that include many pages/assets. CQ-86356
  • Edit launch wizard dysfunctional after upgrading AEM to version 6.2 from 6.1. CQ-83896
  • Translation and edit summary of existing translation project doesn't start after upgrading AEM to version 6.2 from 6.1. CQ-83879
  • Inheritance from the source language breaks when users select a different language for a new project, which gets created with an incorrect language. CQ-82758
  • Users unable to submit modifications made to saved searches. CQ-80728
  • Smart translation does not recognize updates to assets/content fragments embedded in the page to be translated. CQ-75374

Hotfixes Included in Projects

  • When a project is selected and the delete dialog is opened, the path remains in the dialog until the page is reloaded. NPR-12652
  • Project view does not display multiple collections. NPR-12127: Hotfix request for CQ-92810
  • Translation Project isn't created if the locales mismatch. NPR-11808: Hotfix for CQ-87739
  • Incorrect Target Language selection after inheritance from Reference window breaks. NPR-10648
  • Fixed display issues with collections in Project view. NPR-12127: Hotfix for CQ-92810


  • Requirement to check code for SERVICE_PID usage in workflow. GRANITE-13219
  • The Multifield dialog in TouchUI does not allow users to add items in a workflow step. CQ-80287

Hotfixes Included in Workflow

  • The Scheduled Activation icon is not displayed in Site Admin after a restart. NPR-11538: Hotfix for CQ-87977
  • Timeout issues in external workflow process. NPR-11373: Hotfix for GRANITE-11810 and GRANITE-12508 


Checkmark issue in Commerce Catalog Blueprint user interface. CQ-79922

Dynamic Media

  • Scene7AssetActivationListener runs even if Scene7 or Dynamic Media is not used. CQ-93247
  • Unwanted black areas across the top and bottom of the viewing area. CQ-92816
  • Inline zoom does not work on the mixed media viewer for the first image assets. CQ-92814
  • Numerous canceled AEM-Scene7 Sling jobs populated during AEM replication. CQ-86115
  • Secure Preview URLs are referenced in published page. CQ-80205
  • Deleting a video asset uploaded with S7 encoding profiles in AEM Assets fails to delete the original or encoded videos in Scene7. CQ-75253
  • Deleting a PDF asset in AEM fails to delete the correct asset in Scene7. CQ-75245
  • Moving an asset in AEM triggers a delete operation in Scene7 but does not reupload from the new path. CQ-75239

Hotfixes Included in Dynamic Media

  • Numerous canceled AEM-Scene7 Sling jobs populated during AEM replication. NPR-12835: Hotfix for CQ-86115
  • Configuring Scene7 cloud services triggers traversals in the content finder. NPR-11071
  • Image Converter gets stuck when processing compressed TIFF images. NPR-11040: Hotfix for CQ-85382
  • Video asset processing workflow aborts XMP writeback process. NPR-10994: Hotfix for CQ-87112
  • Incorrect metadata populated for PDF files while synching between AEM Assets and Scene7. NPR-10968: Hotfix for CQ-84833
  • Dynamic Media requests don't use proxy/HTTP common client. NPR-10727: Hotfix for CQ-45695, CQ-88800


  • Fixed issues around the XSSAPI.encodeForJSString() method allowing script tag injection. GRANITE-13250
  • Fixed issues around instances becoming non-responsive when Sling Resource Resolver Factory is updated. GRANITE-13126
  • Changing Oak-related OSGI configuration makes the AEM instance dysfunctional. GRANITE-11906

Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • Campaign variables in touch UI not loaded when accessing author over HTTPS. CQ-93507
  • Issues with filters for integration with Adobe Campaign. CQ-91791
  • Changing the "General Analytics Settings" stores the values properly in the repository but does not show them after a page refresh. Instead the default values are shown. CQ-89319
  • Cancelled LiveCopy Inheritance disregarded for targeted components. CQ-88174
  • JavaScript errors when using Analytics predicates to filter out sites. CQ-88173
  • Incompatibility in the AppMeasurement.js API causing custom link tracking to fail. CQ-87952
  • Analytics tracking does not work on partially initialized ContextHub. CQ-87602
  • Analytics predicates don't appear in the sites filter list on Firefox and Safari. CQ-84787
  • The DeleteAuthorActivityListener event handler missing the JobConsumer.class specification in the service declaration. CQ-84763
  • Users unable to target nested component. CQ-84756
  • Adobe Target integration client libraries use old methods which is part of Client Context, which may be deprecated soon. CQ-84553
  • The property update listener bound to ContextHub attempts to read values from ClientContext, which fails for non-hybrid scenarios where only ContextHub is registered. CQ-84545
  • When syncing the default email template into ACS, the image links are broken. CQ-82805
  • Users cannot select default experience after creating a new experience. CQ-81036
  • Rollout not complete when using two different live copy areas attached to two different live copy pages. CQ-80782
  • After adding a target component to a page in Edit mode and setting the location for it, the loading component keeps appearing on the page. CQ-79564
  • Requirement to adjust service.ranking of TargetComponentFilter. CQ-77297
  • Custom Offer tag gets out of place on Page Editor. CQ-68630

Hotfixes Included in Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • Broken images in Adobe Campaign emails. NPR-12190: Hotfix for CQ-82805
  • Offer template does not display scroll bar even if it contains lot of content. NPR-11696: Hotfix for CQ-83783
  • Campaign variables in Touch UI not loaded when accessing author over HTTPS. NPR-10898: Hotfix for CQ-85572
  • Improper styling of Choose Segment list in Target Experience dialog. NPR-10154: Hotfix for CQ-81924 

Security Hotfixes

  • NPR-10936: Security hotfix for CQ-79235
  • NPR-10870: Security hotfix for GRANITE-11750
  • NPR-12444: Hotfix for CQ-94890 Resolves an important input validation issue in the WCMDebug filter that can be used in cross-site scripting attacks.  

API Changes

In AEM 6.2 SP1, the following APIs have been updated:

  • com.day.cq.audit from version 2.0 to 3.0
  • org.apache.sling.discovery.commons.providers.spi.base from version 1.0.0 to 2.0.0
  • com.adobe.internal.xmp from version 0.0.0 to 6.0.6
  • com.adobe.internal.xmp.options from version 0.0.0 to 6.0.6
  • com.adobe.internal.xmp.properties from version 0.0.0 to 6.0.6
  • com.adobe.internal.xmp.utils from version 0.0.0 to 6.0.6
  • org.apache.sling.discovery.base.commons from version 1.1.0 to 2.0.0


With AEM 6.2 SP1, Apache Sling has stopped exposing APIs of org.apache.sling.discovery.oak.

Dependency Information

Hotfix dependency: Before you install AEM 6.2 SP1, install the folllowing hotfix:

  • adobe/cq620/hotfix:cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785:7.0

GA content package dependencies: The following content packages available in AEM 6.2 GA release are required for the automatic installation of AEM 6.2 SP1 through the ../crx-quickstart/install folder. The packages do not raise any conflicts if you install AEM 6.2 SP1 through Package Manager.

  • day/cq60/fd:cq-adaptiveforms-content:3.1.18
  • day/cq60/product:cq-dam-delivery-bundles-content:1.1.66
  • day/cq60/product:cq-commerce-content:1.4.336
  • day/cq60/product:cq-dam-bundles-content:1.1.356
  • day/cq60/product:cq-mcm-content:1.2.132
  • day/cq60/product:cq-projects-translation-content:0.1.134
  • day/cq60/product:cq-ui-classic-content:1.2.122
  • day/cq60/product:cq-integration-target-content:1.0.314
  • day/cq60/product:cq-integration-analytics-content:1.0.180
  • day/cq60/product:cq-personalization-content:1.0.832
  • day/cq60/product:cq-launches-content:1.4.96
  • day/cq60/product:cq-i18n-content:1.2.124

Install the Service Pack

Setup requirements


For customers with Feature Packs installed on AEM 6.2. Optional Feature Packs provided by Adobe have dependencies on the release version and service pack. If you have any Feature Pack installed, please contact the AEM Customer Care team to validate the compatibility of those feature packs with this service pack for AEM 6.2.

  • AEM 6.2 Service Pack 1 requires AEM 6.2. Please visit upgrade documentation for detailed instructions. 
  • The Service Pack download is available on Adobe Package Share, which you can access directly from the AEM 6.2 instance.
  • On a deployment with MongoDB and multiple instances, the SP1 only has to be installed on one of the Author instances using the Package Manager.
  • Before installing the service pack, ensure to:
    1. Have a snapshot or fresh backup of your AEM instance. Uninstalling the SP1 package is not supported.
    2. Install Hotfix 12785 because AEM 6.2 SP1 has a pre-installation dependency on it. Installing Hotfix 12785 will result in high CPU utilization, Adobe recommends restarting the instance to free up system resources before installing AEM 6.2 SP1.


Do not restart the AEM instance immediately after the dialog prompts you to restart it after the hotfix is installed. Wait untill the error.log to stabilize and the following entry to appear in the file, which confirm a successful installation: 

*INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] org.apache.sling.audit.osgi.installer Uninstalled bundle updater.cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785 from resource TaskResource(url=jcrinstall:/libs/system/cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785-7.0/install/1/updater.cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785-1.0.0.jar, entity=bundle:updater.cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785, state=UNINSTALL, attributes=[Bundle-SymbolicName=updater.cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785, Bundle-Version=1.0, org.apache.sling.installer.api.tasks.ResourceTransformer])

  • Restart the instance before installation. While that is only needed when the instance is still in update mode (and this is the case when the instance was just updated from an earlier version), it's generally recommended if the instance was running for longer period of time.
  • The fix for CQ-80782 changes the ACLs for personalization-service user from jcr:ModifyProperties to rep:write for the path /content. However, because the acHandlingof package cq-content where the current service user resides, is merge_preserve, these ACLs aren't updated when AEM 6.2 SP1 is installed. Therefore, you should manually change the ACLs of the service user, personalization-service, from jcr:ModifyProperties to rep:write for the path /content through Crxde. If the ACLs are issing there will be conflicts that prevent the rollout from being completed successfully and the following error occcurs:
    ERROR (com/day/cq/personalization/rolloutcompleteevent)] com.day.cq.personalization.impl.TeaserResourceEventHandler Unable to remove rollout lock marker at /content/geometrixx-outdoors/hp/lc2/rolloutlock.

Install the Service Pack via Package Share

Perform the following steps to install the Service Pack on an existing AEM 6.2 instance:

  1. Login to Package Share within AEM or directly from your browser and download the Service Pack 1 package
    (search for "AEM-6.2-Service-Pack-1" to find it)
  2. Install the downloaded package using Package Manager.


The best way to monitor the installation process is to tail the error.log. Proceed to validate the installation after a message similar to the following is logged in the error.log file:

*INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] org.apache.sling.audit.osgi.installer Uninstalled bundle updater.aem-service-pkg from resource TaskResource(url=jcrinstall:/libs/system/aem-service-pkg-6.2.SP1/install/1/updater.aem-service-pkg-1.0.0.jar, entity=bundle:updater.aem-service-pkg, state=UNINSTALL, attributes=[Bundle-SymbolicName=updater.aem-service-pkg, Bundle-Version=1.0, org.apache.sling.installer.api.tasks.ResourceTransformer])

Automatic installation

There are two ways to automatically install SP1 into a running instance:

A. Place the package into ../crx-quickstart/install folder while the server is running. The package gets installed automatically. Ensure that hotfix 12785 is already installed before you perform this step.

B. Use the HTTP API from Package Manager – make sure you use cmd=install&recursive=true – so the nested package are installed.


With AEM 6.2 SP1, including the service pack with the initial installation is not supported.

Validate installation

  1. The Product Information page (/system/console/productinfo) should now show the updated version string "Adobe Experience Manager, Version 6.2.0.SP1" under Installed Products.
  2. All OSGI bundles are either ACTIVE or FRAGMENT in the OSGI Console (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).
  3. The OSGI bundle org.apache.jackrabbit.oak-core is on version 1.4.6 or higher (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).

To determine the certified platform for running with this release of AEM Sites and Assets, see Technical Requirements.

Install AEM Forms add-on package

Install AEM Forms add-on


Skip if you are not using AEM Forms. Fixes in AEM Forms are delivered through a separate add-on package.

  1. Ensure that you have installed the AEM Service Pack. 

  2. Download the corresponding Forms add-on package listed at AEM Forms releases for your operating system.

  3. Install the Forms add-on package as described in Installing AEM forms add-on packages.

Install AEM Forms JEE installer


Skip if you are not using AEM Forms on JEE. Fixes in AEM Forms JEE are delivered through a separate installer.

For information about installing the cumulative installer for AEM Forms JEE and post-deployment configuration, see the release notes for patch 0002.

Uber Jar

The Uber Jar for AEM 6.2 SP1 is available in the Adobe Public Maven repository. To use Uber Jar in a Maven project, include the following dependency in your project POM:


Known Issues

Here's a list of known issues added by the Service Pack:

  1. OmniSearch: The View all links (for AEM Assets, Sites, and so on) in the Omnisearch results, don't work. To view all assets, first navigate to the Assets console and then search for the particular string. Similarly, if you want to search in Sites, go to the Sites console and search there. Another workaround is to manually add location tags (for example Sites, Assets) before searching.
  2. AEM Forms: Some Correspondence Management bundles remain in install state after installing the AEM Forms add-on package. To resolve the issue, reinstall the add-on package.
  3. Transient errors: The following transient errors may occur when you install AEM 6.2 SP1. However, no resolution is required for these errors because they do not impact your AEM instance, as such, and go away after SP1 is installed -

        AEM Communities

  • [FelixFrameworkWiring] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-commons [com.adobe.cq.social.commons.impl.DefaultAttachmentTypeBlacklistService] Cannot create component instance due to failure to bind reference delegate
  • [FelixFrameworkWiring] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-commons [com.adobe.cq.social.commons.impl.DefaultAttachmentTypeBlacklistService] Failed creating the component instance; see log for reason
  • [FelixFrameworkWiring] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-scf-impl [com.adobe.cq.social.scf.impl.ClientUtilityFactoryImpl] Cannot create component instance due to failure to bind reference slingSettingsService
  • [FelixFrameworkWiring] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-scf-impl [com.adobe.cq.social.scf.impl.ClientUtilityFactoryImpl] Failed creating the component instance; see log for reason
  • [FelixFrameworkWiring] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-enablement-impl [com.adobe.cq.social.enablement.client.reporting.impl.EnablementResourceEnrollmentReportFactory] Cannot create component instance due to failure to bind reference reportManager
  • [FelixFrameworkWiring] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-enablement-impl [com.adobe.cq.social.enablement.client.reporting.impl.EnablementResourceEnrollmentReportFactory] Failed creating the component instance; see log for reason
  • [FelixDispatchQueue] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-scf-impl FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null. (Component: com.adobe.cq.social.commons.impl.DefaultAttachmentTypeBlacklistService))
  • [FelixDispatchQueue] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-enablement-impl FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null. (Component: com.adobe.cq.social.scf.impl.ClientUtilityFactoryImpl))
  • [FelixDispatchQueue] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-commons FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: ServiceFactory.getService() resulted in a cycle.)
  • [FelixDispatchQueue] org.apache.sling.adapter FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null. (Component: com.adobe.cq.social.enablement.services.adapterFactory.impl.ResourceAdaptorFactory))
  • [FelixDispatchQueue] org.apache.sling.servlets.post FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null. (Component: com.adobe.cq.social.user.endpoints.impl.CommunityUserDeleteOperation))


  • [FelixDispatchQueue] com.adobe.aemds.formsmanager.adobe-aemds-formsanddocuments-core FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: ServiceFactory.getService() resulted in a cycle.)


  • [GET /crx/packmgr/installstatus.jsp HTTP/1.1] org.apache.sling.engine.impl.SlingRequestProcessorImpl ServletResolver service missing, cannot service requests , sending status 503
  • org.apache.sling.commons.scheduler.impl.QuartzScheduler No discovery available, therefore not executing job com.adobe.granite.threaddump.impl.ThreadDumpCollector
  • [Adobe Granite Maintenance Scheduler Update Task] com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler No maintenance task found with name com.day.cq.audit.impl.AuditLogMaintenanceTask for window granite:weekly
  • [FelixDispatchQueue] org.apache.felix.http.jetty FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Activator stop error in bundle org.apache.felix.http.jetty)
  • [GET /content/regent.html HTTP/1.1] com.day.cq.wcm.mobile.core.MobileUtil isMobileResource: cannot check resource [/content/regent/jcr:content], page manager unavailable.
  • com.adobe.granite.installer.Updater Unable to finish updating bundle
  • org.apache.sling.serviceusermapping.impl.ServiceUserMapperImpl cannot unregister ServiceUserMapped Mapping [serviceName=com.adobe.aemds.guide.aemds-guide-core, subServiceName=null, userName=fd-service]
  • org.apache.sling.serviceusermapping.impl.ServiceUserMapperImpl cannot unregister ServiceUserMapped Mapping [serviceName=com.day.cq.wcm.cq-wcm-mobile-core, subServiceName=null, userName=wurfl-loader-service]

Helpful resources

Restricted Sites

These sites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and need access, please contact your Adobe account manager.