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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets supports the IPTC metadata standard that is widely used to describe assets. This way, AEM Assets enhances the acceptance of its images among various parties, including photographers, creative agencies, libraries, museums, and so on. 

The default metadata schema for assets now incorporates the IPTC Core and IPTC Extension metadata schemas to define comprehensive metadata properties that allow users to add precise and reliable data about people, locations, and products shown in an image. It also supports dates, names, and identifiers regarding the creation of the image, and a flexible way to express rights information.

The Properties page for assets now includes separate tabs to display the IPTC Core and IPTC Extension metadata in editable fields.

  1. From the Assets console, select an image.

  2. Click or tap the View Properties icon from the toolbar.

  3. In the Properties page, click/tap the IPTC tab to view IPTC metadata for the asset.

  4. Click/tap the Edit icon from the toolbar to edit the IPTC metadata properties.

  5. Click/tap Done to save the changes.

  6. Click/tap the IPTC Extension tab to view IPTC Extension metadata for the asset.

  7. Click/tap the Edit icon from the toolbar to edit the ITPC Extension metadata properties.

  8. Click/tap Done to save the changes.

Creative Rating Support

In addition to displaying individual user ratings and aggregate ratings, the Properties page now displays the ratings assigned to assets through Adobe Bridge and other Creative Apps

These ratings are available under Creative Rating section within the Advanced tab.

This rating is a read-only property and ranges between 1-5. You can search for assets based on their Creative Rating from the Search Panel.

However, this property is currently not indexed to avoid any conflict with custom changes made by users. To index this property, see Indexing Nodes in AEM.


Keyword Support

The IPTC tab of the Properties page also displays keywords added to assets through Adobe Bridge and other Creative Apps. You can also edit these keywords and add more keywords from the IPTC tab.