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The Components console allows you to browse through all components defined for your instance and view key information for each component.

It can be accessed from Tools -> General -> Components. In the console, card and list view are available. Because there is no tree structure for components, column view is not available.



The Component Console shows all components in the system. The Component Browser shows components that are available to authors and hides any component groups that begin with a period (.).

With the Content Only icon (top left) you can open the Search panel to search and/or filter the components:


Component Details

To view details about a specific component tap/click on the required resource. Three tabs provide:

  • Properties


    On the Properties tab you can:

    • Edit the Title, Group, and Description of the component.
      • Only the properties of components located under /apps can be edited.
    • View how the icon or abbreviation has been defined for the component.
      • Clicking the source of the icon will take you to that component.
    • View the Resource Type and Resource Super Type (if defined) for the component.
      • Clicking the Resource Super Type will take you to that component.


    The ability to edit the component title, description and group in the Component Console is intended to to be mainly used on a development instance.

    Changes to these values in production will not be persisted when updates are released by the development team.

  • Policies

  • Live Usage



    Due to the nature of the information being collected for this view, it can take a while to be collated/displayed.

  • Documentation

    If the developer has provided documentation for the component, it will appear on the Documentation tab. If there is no documentation available, the Documentation tab will not be shown.