Troubleshooting AEM TouchUI issues

This page will collect tips and tools that will help troubleshooting TouchUI related issues .

Touch UI X-Ray debugging tool

AEM6 comes with an integrated Developer Mode which allows you to select components on the page and see the content path and script(s) linked to them.

However, this information is not available in Edit or Preview mode, nor in other screens like admin consoles, editors, etc.

The XRay tool (attached below) adds a layer on the Touch UI page.  This provides information such as content path, script(s), and a direct link to CRXDE Lite on all components rendered on the page.


  1. Install the attached package to the AEM package manager
  2. Once the package is installed, go to /etc/xraymode/setup.html
  3. Follow the instructions on that page to enable the x-ray mode .



Screenshot of Touch UI X-Ray tool


The path to the script returned by X-Ray might start with /mnt/overlay or /mnt/override .

This is due to the Touch-optimized UI leveraging the Sling Resource Merger to allow fine grained overlays of components and their dialog.

Replace those prefixes with /apps or /libs, depending on the status of your customizations in order to access the right nodes in CRXDE.


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