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How do I turn off email a friend functionality in the HTML5 eCatalog viewer?


Here is the documentation to turn off the email share button:


The appearance of the email share button is controlled with the following CSS class selector:

.s7ecatalogviewer .s7emailshare

CSS properties of the email share tool 

  • width: width of the button
  • height: height of the button
  • background-image: the image that is displayed for a given button state

This button supports the state attribute selector, which can be used to apply different skins to different button states.

It is possible to remove the button from the Social share panel by setting display:none CSS property on its CSS class.

First, export the ViewerPreset you are using by choosing SPS > Setup > Viewer Presets.

The CSS downloads to your desktop so you can edit it. Then, you upload the CSS to Scene7 Publishing System (SPS). Next, edit the viewer preset, and choose Save As to give it your own name (for example, "eCatNoEmail").

In the Style Sheet tab, select the CSS that you uploaded. Then save the viewer preset, and make the live eCatalog on your site use this new viewer preset using the config parameter.


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