Use this document for a list of bug fixes in the April 2018 releases (versions 12.1 and 12.1.1) releases of Premiere Pro.

Bugs fixed in April 2018 (version 12.1.1) release

The following bugs are fixed in version 12.1.1 release of Premiere Pro:

  • Fixed a crash on launch in some cases when loading PostScript Type 1 fonts (these fonts are prevented from loading).
  • PNG files containing Alpha are correctly displayed with the default interpretation of Straight Alpha. 
  • In some PNG frame sequence exports, frames no longer get mixed together (superimposed).
  • Application no longer hangs if you quit it after playback of Sony F5 RAW files.

Bugs fixed in April 2018 (version 12.1) release


  • Crash while toggling RED Camera Orientation checkbox for attached source footage file
  • (Mac only) Crash in Opencl_runtime
  • Launching Premiere projects with certain VST3's Audio plugin leads to crash on startup
  • Crash caused by Metadata cache database when opening project
  • Premiere Pro crashes when track items are deleted and previewed in HMD
  • Crash when relinking file if Media Browser is in Thumbnail view
  • Premiere Pro crashes while importing ALE files
  • Auto Save for Project on unmounted drive results in multiple unknown error dialogs and may crash
  • (Mac only) Occasional crash with Media Browser when unmounting an image (and possibly a disk)
  • PProHeadless crashes at first launch
  • Double clicking a timeline in the project panel opens up a timeline panel with no contents. This issue sometimes causes Premiere Pro to crash
  • Crash when playing some files at 1/2 resolution
  • Changing to Metal Rendering when Lumetri Scopes are open can cause Premiere Pro to crash
  • Loudness radar causes non-reponsiveness with AJA io4k hardware
  • Corrupted VOB clip causes Premiere Pro to crash on import
  • Using Basic 3D effect with OpenCL/Metal can cause the operating system to freeze

Playback and performance

  • All frames are dropped on playback of an HEVC clip when playback is set to less than Full resolution
  • Opening some projects results in unexpected amount of memory allocation
  • Change Playback Engine does not automatically update cultist/render bar

File format support

  • 4K DPX sequence causes memory leak in Premiere Pro version 12.0.1
  • On first import after install, MXF decode error reported with particular ARRIRAW MXF file
  • Some mov files do not use the native libraries
  • XF-AVC file( YCC , Canon Log 2) does not show Full Range in Lumitri Scopes
  • GH5 HEVC files are not able to import or play back
  • XDCAM-HD is not recognized if the CUEUP.XML file is missing from the file structure
  • R3D source settings cannot be turned off in the master clip effect
  • Some R3D files are not flipped automatically
  • XOCN master clip colour space change from Rec709 to Slog 2 or 3 does not work


  • Parsing captions while importing sample file causes file to display Media Pending message indefinitely
  • Changing caption parameters has no effect on exported stl file
  • MOV files with closed captions from Dalet import as Media Pending and do not display captions
  • Styling changes to captions (STL and SRT) does not update in timeline
  • Changing video settings for captions does not affect the font size
  • If you create long captions in the timeline using the New Caption option in the context menu, the Captions Block Inspector does not create a scroll bar

Imports and projects

  • Editing clips between projects hangs Premiere while project is checked for duplicates
  • Metadata panel is active with read-only projects
  • Project alias does not open project in new window when using the Alt/Option+double click keyboard shortcut
  • Write keyframe mode is not preserved when switching projects
  • Multicam does not copy to another project correctly if component clip is buried in a bin
  • Open Project does not open closed Project panel tab
  • Media Browser does not update on computer 1 when you change in/outs on computer 2
  • Media Browser fails to display files from Studio Network Solutions network drive when mounted using AFP
  • Track Item label colors do not copy over to new projects
  • If multiple items are selected in Bin, Metadata panel only adds two entries of information

Editing and effects

  • Copying a new .cube file into Lumetri Folder breaks previously set LUTs
  • Morph Cut only allows Center on Cut
  • Resize mask function using the Shift + mouse drag does not work
  • Toggle select track and press W has different results
  • Clip Timecode settings auto-reset to Alternate timecode setting
  • Default transition duration opens incorrect pane in Premiere Preferences
  • Set Default Transition Duration from the Effects flyout menu goes to the wrong Preferences dialog
  • Transform Anchor Point is off a pixel in the xml export
  • Track Matte Key effect is broken when applied above any clip with a mask
  • Cannot slide numbers with Wacom tablet
  • Interpret Footage should be enabled for merged clips so Field Order settings can be edited
  • Track Fader hit area is off when fader is started at the lowest setting
  • Relinking source footage from proxy .mov to hi-res .mxf makes sequence tracks containing referenced audio can go off-line
  • Scopes have serious drawing issues
  • Disable master clip effects does not work on bins
  • Alt-clicking Write Keyframes in Clip Mixer not working properly
  • Esc causes Source View player issues on Mac and closes player on Windows
  • When you add metadata to multiple selected items, the metadata does not add to last clip
  • Saving a copy of a project and opening that project causes the existing project tab decoration to falsely display as bin
  • When you save a project using Save As or Save a Copy there is a break in Filter Bin Content and Search Bin

Export and Render

  • Export is truncated when using newly deployed exporter preset
  • Using Time Tuner on video with R.128 loudness normalization causes segmented and flickering EBU .STL sidecar file
  • When you export media with the same name as a previously deleted file, Premiere Pro issues a message indicating that the same file already exists in the project
  • Encoding error when exporting MOG files to MXF Op1a AVC-Intra 100
  • Low-level exception error occurs if you use the Pixel Motion Blur effect causing render failure.
  • Encoding error on some mp3 files
  • Unable to export or process Barco Escape ProRes444 with data burn to Vimeo mp4


  • When you copy/paste clips with audio from After Effects, Premiere Pro does not copy more than first second of clips
  • Replace with AE Comp gives a darker composition
  • High sample rate audio sent to Audition comes across as the wrong sample rate


  • Distortion or garbage in audio when exporting AAF files
  • Flattening multicam clips resets the audio to unity (zero dB)
  • Audio Track Mixer Latch/Touch automation modes sometimes fail and switch to Write mode overwriting automation keyframes
  • Noise artifacts are heard in stereo audio clips that are placed in Ambisonics sequences when Binauralized monitoring is used
  • Peak files are missing their extensions on Windows 10 with MXF files

Adobe Immersive Environment

  • Only one of the HMD hand controllers works with Mac systems
  • A low-level exception occurs if you attempt to preview an audio only clip when the Adobe Immersive Environment is enabled
  • Mac Premiere transmit to HMD from the Source Monitor produces a garbage frame or two when the Paused Resolution and Playback Resolution are set to different values
  • Loud garbage plays back if you attempt to preview Ambisonics audio, that was imported as Mono 4 channel, with binauralization enabled
  • Changing the color of a track item fails to automatically get reflected in the HMD timebar
  • The name of a sequence on the HMD timebar does not get automatically updated after you make an edit to it
  •  The HMD Timeline's Zoom bar, at fully zoomed in position, becomes very difficult to move. Attempts to move it usually result in changing the zoom scale instead of scrolling the view.
  • When the HMD Timebar has content three minutes or longer the Zoom control bar cannot zoom in enough
  • Unable to scroll the HMD Timebar view during playback
  • Clicking on an empty part of the HMD Timeline's Zoom bar well fails to scroll the Timeline view
  • The HMD Timeline's Zoom bar setting does not match the timeline display after you switch to a new clip
  • The HMD Timeline's Zoom bar art gets truncated when at fully zoomed in position
  • The hit spot for adjusting the start or end point of the Zoom bar in the HMD Timeline is too hard to access
  • Premiere Pro transmit to HMD is extremely slow to initiate on Mac, and sometimes it fails to work at all, after the HMD has been in Stand-by mode
  • Offline track items fail to appear in the HMD Timeline as red
  • IN and OUT markers that are set in the Source Monitor fail to appear when viewing the HMD Source Monitor Timeline
  • The Track Head-Mounted Display option for the Program Monitor toggles off when you switch to a different sequence
  • If you move the CTI right after jogging, audio previews for a couple of seconds and then stops
  • Extending the Jog command swipe of the hand controller beyond a 180 degrees messes up the HUD display and haptic feedback
  • The HMD Timebar fails to highlight the time ruler after just an IN or OUT marker has been placed
  • VR properties added to a clip that is already in the Source Monitor does not enable HMD viewing
  • Premiere Pro cannot open .mp4 files generated by JauntVR's tools


  • Translation and other localization fixes
  • Miscellaneous UI fixes