When you try to start Fireworks CS4, you receive the error, "Could not launch Fireworks. An internal error occurred." 


Do one of more of the following:

Solution 1: Validate fonts (Mac OS).

  1. Close Fireworks.
  2. Delete the user preferences folder: /[user name]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Fireworks CS4
  3. Double-click Font Book in the Applications folder.
  4. Choose Edit > Select All.
  5. Right-click (or Ctrl-click) and choose Validate Fonts.
  6. Remove all fonts that showed a problem, or remove duplicates.
  7. Launch Fireworks.

Solution 2: Isolate damaged fonts. (Windows and Mac OS)

  1. Close Fireworks.
  2. Move installed fonts from the Fonts folder to a temporary folder on your desktop. Do not move any variants of Arial, Times New Roman, Garamond, Georgia, Kozuka, Minion Pro, Myriad Pro, Verdana and Tahoma.
    1. On Mac OS: Move fonts from /[user name]/Library/Fonts/ to a temporary folder on the desktop.
    2. On Windows: Move fonts from C:\Windows\Fonts\ to a temporary folder on the desktop.
  3. Launch Fireworks. If Fireworks launches normally, close Fireworks. Install the fonts you moved to the temporary folder back into the Fonts folder in batches of 30 fonts or so. Installing in small batches helps you isolate the fonts that cause Fireworks launch issues.
  4. Each time you move a batch of fonts back to the Fonts folder, launch Fireworks. If Fireworks launches successfully, close Fireworks again and repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. If Fireworks doesn't launch after you move a batch of fonts, do the following:
    1. Remove the last batch of fonts you moved back into the temporary folder.
    2. Move a smaller batch of about ten fonts to the Fonts folder.
    3. Launch Fireworks.
  6. Repeat the steps to isolate the fonts that prevent Fireworks from launching normally.

Additional information

Fireworks doesn't launch when it encounters damaged fonts. Fonts can become damaged when modified with font editing applications. For example, if you used a font editing application such as CrossFont to convert a Mac OS font Helvetica.dfont to a TrueType font, such fonts in your system could be reported as damaged. Similarly, if any fonts have duplicate PostScript names, Fireworks doesn't launch.

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