When a Macromedia product is installed and the Setup.EXE starts unpacking, an error window appears with an "Unable to execute" message followed by a long directory address which starts with "C:\Temp..." After that message is closed, another error message appears: "PackageForTheWeb error- unable to execute specified command line."


The InstallShield PackageForTheWeb (PFTW) installer is encountering a system setting which prohibits the installer from accessing the command it needs to perform to complete the install. For Windows NT users this usually has to do with a registry setting for 8.3 naming conventions which cannot understand the long path to the temp directories used to install the software.


InstallShield has posted a solution to this problem in their KnowledgeBase item Q101723. To fix this problem, InstallShield recommends the following registry key change:

Locate the registry key:


\FileSystem ValueName: NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation

Value: 0

Setting the Value to 0 enables 8.3 naming conventions which will allow the installer to parse the long path statement, allowing the command to execute properly.

Note:Macromedia and Macromedia Tech Support cannot and will not take responsibility for any changes users make to their system registry. Improper entries in the registry can cause severe system problems and should only be done by expert users.

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