This document provides an overview of the supported file formats in Fireworks. For more information about how to use different file formats in Fireworks, see the Fireworks online Help.

Supported file formats for new files

New documents in Fireworks are saved as Portable Network Graphic (PNG) documents, the native file format for Fireworks.

Supported file formats for opening, importing, and saving

  • Fireworks PNG
  • Flattened PNG
  • GIF
  • animated GIF
  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • WBMP
  • SWF
  • AI (Illustrator 8)
  • PSD
  • PICT (Mac OS only)
  • TIFF

Supported file formats for exporting

  • Adobe PDF
  • HTML and images
  • images only (based on original file type)
  • FXG (CS5)
  • MXML (CS5)
  • EPS (Open only) (CS5)
  • Dreamweaver library (lbi)
  • CSS and Images (htm)
  • Director (htm)
  • Animations (animated GIF files, Flash SWF files or Fireworks PNG, states or layers as multiple files)

For more information on the export options of Fireworks, see the section "Optimizing and Exporting" in the online Help.

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