When you install Flash Builder 4.6 and enter your Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 serial number, you see the following message on the Enter Serial Number screen:

“This serial number is not valid for this product.”


Install Flash Builder as a trial and enter your CS5.5 serial number after installation, as follows:

  1. When you run the Flash Builder installer to install Flash Builder, select the Install This Product As a Trial option in the Enter Serial Number screen.
  2. Specify the installation language, and proceed with the installation.
  3. After installing Flash Builder in trial mode, launch Flash Builder.
  4. If the CS5.5 software on your computer is already serialized, Flash Builder launches without prompting you to enter a serial number.

    If the CS5.5 software is not serialized on your computer, Flash Builder prompts you to enter a serial number. Enter your Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 serial number in the Serial Number panel. Once Flash Builder is serialized, the Serial Number panel no longer displays on launch.


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