Silent installation | Flash Builder 4.5

The Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition lets IT specialists package Flash Builder 4.5 as an MSI or PKG. Then, they can use the MSI or PKG for silent deployment using industry-standard tools.

To silently install Flash Builder preconfigured with a bundled copy of Eclipse, follow the instructions at

To silently install Flash Builder as a plug-in into a separate Eclipse installation, follow these steps, as applicable to your operating system:

Create a deployment package using Adobe Application Manager

  1. Download Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition to create a deployment package.
  2. Start the Application Manager, and enter the package information. Specify the package name, the location at which you want to install the package, and the product install folder. For detailed information about using the Application Manager, see Creative Suite 5 Enterprise Deployment Guide.
  1. (Windows) Make sure that JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 1.6 or later is installed on your computer. You can download the latest JRE version from
  2. Make sure that the root directory of the target Eclipse installation contains a dropins directory.
  3. Create a link file to link Flash Builder with your Eclipse installation. You can generate the link file using the Plug-in Utility installer, as follows:
    1. Go to the Flash Builder installation location.
    2. Open the utilities folder.
    3. Run Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Plug-in Utility.exe.
    4. Follow the instructions in the Plug-in Utility wizard. Select the path to your Eclipse installation, and let the wizard run to completion.
  4. Go to the Eclipse installation folder and copy the .eclipseproduct file. Then, go to the Eclipse folder within the Flash Builder installation and paste the .eclipseproduct file that you copied. After that, rename the .eclipseproduct file in the Flash Builder installation folder to .eclipseextension.

Complete a silent installation of Flash Builder 

  1. Silently deploy Eclipse using a deployment tool of your choice.
  2. Silently deploy Flash Builder using a deployment tool of your choice. 
  3. Use a post-installation script to deploy the file to the target Eclipse dropins directory.
  4. Customize the Java memory settings in your eclipse.ini file for optimal performance and memory handling. For more information, see


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