Flash Player Administrators can disable the security fix in Flash Player that can block users from using the junction files on Windows Server family. 

In Windows Server family, Folder Redirection can be used to share files among Windows users. If Administrators set users' home folder with "Folder Redirection" configuration, Flash Player in Internet Explorer can't write files in its application directory. Hence, the Administrators can configure Flash Player's security behavior by modifying the EnableInsecureJunctionBehavior parameter in mms.cfg file.


The EnableInsecureJunctionBehavior parameter is primarily defined for Enterprise users to disable the security fix in Flash Player thus blocking users to use any junction file.

Parameter Default Description
EnableInsecureJunctionBehavior 0
  • 0 - Disable insecure behavior
  • 1 - Enable insecure behavior

For example, to allow insecure behavior, add the following line in the mms.cfg file:


The EnableInsecureJunctionBehavior parameter works only when Protected Mode is disabled in Internet Explorer.

To make enterprise environment more secure, Adobe recommends you to consider the following points:


The EnableInsecureJunctionBehavior parameter is supported only from Flash Player

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