When you install the Adobe Flash Player 10 plug-in on Windows, you see this error:

"You do not have sufficient disk space to complete this installation. Please free 5000 KB and try again."


This is a known issue when installing the Flash Player 10 plug-in on a Windows machine that does not have any drive labeled "C". This issue only effects the plug-in installation. It does not occur when you install the Flash Player ActiveX control for Internet Explorer.


To resolve this issue, you can temporarily label a drive as"C" and then install the Flash Player plug-in.

The temporary "C" drivecan be a removable drive, such as a USB Flash drive or other storage device, or you can rename an existing drive to use "C" as its label. After you install Flash Player 10, you can change the label back to its previous designation.

For more information about changing drive letter assignments, see the following Microsoft articles:

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